CYCLING for RUNNERS – Article 4 Winter Cycling

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If you are living in Europe we won’t need to tell you that winter has arrived. Temperatures are dropping, the days are shorter, road conditions are unpredictable at times and the urge to get out and do anything (particularly cycling) can be diminished.

Don’t be disheartened though. Remember we are using cycling as a way to enhance our running and at this stage we are very much using cycling as active recovery or a method of maintain fitness while injured.

We all get injured at some point in our running. Salomon athlete, Jorge Maravilla posted this just the other day:

“I’m guilty of constantly thriving for the runners high, but lately my body has denied me. Despite an unwelcomed setback, today I found joy on two wheels.”

Jorge Maravilla

We keep saying this, but cycling is just great all around exercise. Jorge is lucky… he seems to have some nice weather in San Francisco. If we Europeans wish to continue cycling in winter we have two options:

  • Purchase some great all-weather clothing.
  • Go indoors.

Both options above are valid and we combine both in our training.

Cycling outdoors in winter

The old saying, ‘there is no such thing as bad weather; just bad clothing’ really is applicable for cycling outdoors in winter. However, let’s get one thing straight, no all singing and all dancing Gore-Tex this or Gore-Tex that will protect you from ice on the road and dangerous conditions. Our first tip is assess conditions and be sensible… if in doubt, stay indoors.

Essential kit for winter cycling:

  • Hat ideally with ear covers that will fit under your helmet
  • Buff or seamless neckwear product for around your neck
  • Glasses
  • Merino base layer
  • Long-sleeve jacket with a windproof chest panel
  • Gloves – depending on conditions you may well need options. For example: a Merino liner glove with thicker warmer/ windproof glove for cold and icy winds. Alternatively you may well need a glove that performs in wet conditions.
  • Long tights – we recommend those with in-built braces as they provide added protection around the kidneys. Also consider tights with foot loops. These loops will stop them riding up. Tights are available with or without at seat pad. We purchase without seat pad so we can wear our normal cycling shots underneath.
  • Merino socks or similar
  • Shoe covers to help block out the wind, rain and colder temperatures
  • Waterproof jacket that can fold up

If you have all of the above you are set for winter cycling. Remember, cycling in winter is much colder than running primarily due to the wind chill. Don’t skimp on layers. In particular, your hands and feet are the most vulnerable areas.

We recommend cycling at all times (even in the day) with a flashing small led light at the front of your bike and a flashing red at the rear. It just adds a little more presence on the road and makes you more visible. It goes without saying that if you are heading out at night, use the best front and rear lights you can afford.

Eye contact is a key element of cycling, especially in winter. When approaching junctions or any areas where cars can impede and impact on your travel, look for eye contact. Lock in on them. Stare at them and acknowledge that they have seen you.

As we mentioned in article 3, when cycling use light gears and aim for 90-cadence. Remember, we are using cycling to either extend aerobic activity or as an alternative to a recovery run at this stage. As we progress with our articles we will discuss how to adapt your cycling sessions so that they can become specific in extended your fitness and/ or building strength.


Cycling indoors in winter

Lets face it, heading outdoors in the cold and potentially wet conditions on a bicycle is not something that you may not wish to do. It’s understandable. It’s not for all of us, especially if your runs are wet, muddy and cold. Step in indoor cycling.

We love indoor cycling…

We know; it’s the equivalent of running on a treadmill. However, just like a treadmill, indoor cycling can provide you with a very controlled and specific environment.

  • Focused and quality sessions
  • Improved cycling technique
  • Time efficiency
  • Accurate testing

Our first hot tip is don’t use the bikes at your local gym unless you have no other option… why?

Well, gym bikes are just so far removed from your ‘own’ bike. Remember in our first couple of articles how we emphasized how important it is to get the correct bike, the correct fit, the correct saddle and so on… why would you then go the gym, get on a generic bike and then disregard everything you have strived to get right.

The way forward is to purchase a ‘Turbo Trainer.’

elite crono fluid

Many styles of turbo trainer exist and you can pay as little or as much as your budget allows. We would recommend a middle of the road trainer costing in the region of £100-150 to be the best of both worlds. We also recommend a ‘fluid-resistance’ trainer as you use your bicycle gears to create more or less resistance. For clarification, ‘magnet-resistance’ units often work by adding a lever to the handlebars and you then add/ reduce resistance by moving the lever. We not keen on these though as the resistance seems to be linear and the feel is nothing like riding on the road.

One more feature that we think is worth mentioning is a spring- loaded resistance unit. Indoor trainers can really impact on the longevity of a tyre; a spring-loaded unit will provide a longer life.

How do they work?

A turbo trainer usually consists of an ‘A’ frame and a metal drum. Quite simply, you attach the rear of your bicycle to the frame and place the rear wheel on the drum. This drum provides resistance to the rear wheel and creates a similar sensation to riding on the road. You can add more or less resistance to make sessions as hard or as easy as you require. Tip: The front of your bicycle will feel as though it’s pointing downhill due to the added height of the turbo trainer. Therefore raise your front wheel to make your bicycle level. You can use anything to do this but many companies now sell specific products to do the job for you.

Hints ‘n’ tips

Image copyright -

Image copyright –

  • Use a piece of old carpet or purchase a turbo training matt so that you provide some protection between you, your bicycle and the floor. This is really important if you are using a room in your home. (3)
  • Have some towels handy to protect your bike and to use to mop sweat from your face (4)
  • Use a fan to cool you down (2)
  • Have water available (1)
  • Raise the front wheel (5)
  • Always use the same tyre pressure and resistance on the rear wheel. This will make sessions controllable and comparable.
  • Use a HRM such as a Suunto Ambit and/ or rear wheel cadence counter
  • Use music or a dvd to provide stimulus. We personally create music playlists based on the session we are doing… rocking out on your indoor trainer to AC/DC makes speed and interval work easy! (6)

Indoor cycling generates plenty of heat and even when cycling easy, you will still sweat. Be prepared.

For the first month of indoor cycling you can apply the principles as laid out in Article 3 of Cycling for Runners – keep gearing light and easy, aim for a 90-cadence and use a HRM to ensure that you are not working harder than you should be. Double what would have been your run time; so, if you were doing a 30-minute easy run, do a 60-min easy cycle.


In article 5 of CYCLING for RUNNERS we will discuss spicing up your outdoor and indoor cycling sessions with one session for outdoors and one session for indoors and how to combine this with your recovery sessions.

Enjoy the seasons, enjoy the change in the weather and importantly use cycling to enhance your running.

Be safe…!

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Skyrunning UK 3×3 80km 2014 Race Report


As runners arrived at 0400 on the morning of Saturday 4th October at the High Terrain Race HQ for the 3×3, Skyrunning UK’s 3rd race in 2014. They may very well have thought the apocalypse had started!

Yes, the rain was that bad!

The race had a capacity field of 300 entrants; expect the normal drop out race of 10% and after pre race registrations on the evening of Friday 3rd October, it was correct to assume that 250+ starters would toe the line. In reality, less than 190 started.

It’s a sign of how bad the conditions were. Ian Mulvey, race director for the 3×3 had consulted with his team and a decision had been made that the first summit at Scafell would be missed with an alternative re route in place. It was a great call… no race wants to make these decisions, however, safety is key and paramount. Remember folks, it’s only running!

Considering everyone taking part was likely to have 9-hours+ on the course, to take runners to such a low point in the first 2-3 hours would have potentially impacted on the race as a whole and may well have not only stretched the runners but logistics.

So bad were the conditions that I personally wasn’t able to make the first ascent due to severe flooding; yes, it was potentially 2009 all over again.


With just under 40km’s covered and on the ascent to Helvellyn, a clear pattern had started to form with Lee Kemp pushing the pace, Donnie Campbell chasing and ever present Skyrunning UK competitor and Peaks Skyrace winner, Jayson Cavill chasing 20-minutes back.

The ladies race had Lakeland 100 course record holder, Lizzie Wraith out front with a convincing lead chased by Sally Ozanne and Great Lakeland 3-Day winner, Kerstin Rosenqvist.

The weather was playing a key factor in the whole day, however, the Biblical conditions of the first couple of hours calmed to leave an ever changing and gusting day.


Over Helvellyn and then dropping down to Keswick runners headed up to Latrigg and then took on a tough anti-clockwise loop of Skiddaw. Over the summit the wind was gale force and the wind chill was close if not below zero. Cloud bursts; heavy rain and even a hale storm made the day impressive visually but something to endure from a running perspective.


Lee Kemp somehow lost the race lead over Skiddaw, as he ran past me he shouted that he had taken a wrong turn… I will clarify this later. This mistake by Lee opened the door for Donnie Campbell and looking strong he pushed to the line without actually realising he was the first to cross it! Lee Kemp held on to 2nd and Ed Batty placed 3rd after Jayson Cavill withdrew from the race. Ever present Centurion race winner, Ed Catmur placed 4th and local legend and recent Wainwrights FKT record holder, Steve Birkinshaw placed 5th.


Lizzie Wraith never relinquished the ladies race lead, however, over Skiddaw the gap was reduced considerably. Sally however couldn’t close and the positions remained the same all the way to the line with Kirstin Rosenqvist finishing out the podium.


The 3×3 was a real test. The conditions added to the adventure and from first to last, every single runner should be extremely proud of finishing such a tough race. Ian Mulvey and the High Terrain team did a great job of managing conditions, ensuring everyone’s safety and in the process they have made the 3×3 one of the must do events on the UK calendar.

At the awards ceremony, fell running legend Billy Bland arrived to provide a very natural and humble ending to a great weekend of running.

Attention now turns to the final Skyrunning UK race of 2014, the Mourne Skyline MTR in Ireland.



  1. Donnie Campbell 8:28:56
  2. Lee Kemp 8:38:49
  3. Ed Batty 9:00:17
  4. Ed Catmur 9:23:48
  5. Stephen Birkinshaw 9:29:24
  1. Lizzie Wraith 10:42:23
  2. Sally Ozanne 10:50:18
  3. Kerstin Rosenqvist 11:12:21
  4. Jamie Aarons 11:18:02
  5. Lauren Woodwiss 12:15:08

All results TBC

Race Images will be available HERE after Monday 6th October

Like The Wind – Action Photography Workshop w/ Ian Corless


Photo ©covadongafernandezcue

Photo ©covadongafernandezcue

We are really delighted to announce a very special event at the Pop-Up: an action photography workshop with the one and only Ian Corless. This is a man who not only takes some of the most beautiful, inspiring and exciting photos of ultra trail running, but he is an ultra trail runner himself, so he really knows what he’s talking about.

LtW_ImageLogos_signatureThis workshop is going to be a perfect opportunity to hone your own photography skills and learn from one of the best. Tickets are limited so that everyone on the course gets as much from it as possible, so if you fancy upping your camera game, this is the one for you!

Event information and booking HERE


Montane Lakeland 100 & 50 2014 race images


What an incredible weekend of racing in the stunning English Lakes. The Montane UTLD 100 and 50 mile races certainly have become two of ‘the’ must do events on the 2014 calendar. With the long term continued sponsorship of UK brand, Montane. The event has grown from very humble beginnings as an alternative to UTMB to an outright ‘must-do’ for any enthusiastic ultra runner.

Although run on the same course, the 100 and 50 events are two very different beasts. Both races are point-to-point. The 100 starts in Coniston and does a circular route around the northern lakes dropping back down from Pooley Bridge towards Windermere and then heads around Windemere Lake via Ambleside taking in the Langdale Valley and then a push over Tilberthwaite concludes what is unanimously called a ‘brutal’ event.

Not surprisingly, the ’50’ starts pretty much halfway around the 100 route, in Dalemain and is run over the exact same course as the latter half of the 100 event.

Sun and the Lakes can be a rare commodity but participants in both events had plenty of relentless heat to partner them over every step. Even during the first night, temperatures were ridiculously balmy with nothing more than a short sleeved shirt required. The second night however did throw a curve ball for 100 runners entering another night on the trails or for 50 runners finishing after 2100 hours. The heavens opened with some biblical rain… I guess for some it was a welcome cool down and refresher from the oppressive heat.

Marco Consani (21:14:52) was very much a dominant force in the 100 event. Over the early stages Marco had close competition and ran side-by-side with eventual 2nd place, Charlie Sharpe. However, when Marco took over the lead he never looked back. Climbing out of Howtown with the start of a new day he had a 30-minute lead which he continued to extend all the way to the line finishing almost 90-minutes ahead of Sharpe in 2nd (22:47:56). Lee Knight finished 3rd, 23:21:48 after pushing relentlessly for the duration of the event.

In the ladies race, Beth Pascall proved to be a revelation. Having never run longer than 60-miles before, this lady started at the front of the race and at Buttermere one wondered if she would pull off something quite special. However, experienced ultra runner and Montane athlete, Debbie Martin Consani (yes, Marco’s wife) slowly pulled back the gap and extended the lead away from Beth. Apart from a rough patch at Mardale Head, Debbie never looked in doubt of winning the race but Beth really was charging and at the line it was 25:28:33 to 25:48:36. Impressive. Nicky Taylor was 3rd lady in 29:37:08.

One thing must be said, the Lakeland 100 is a tough event. Even contemplating the start and the race deserves respect. Each and every runner who toed the line achieved a great deal. For those who finished, they have memories and experiences to take to the grave. For those who didn’t finish, they will be back… the UTLD100 get a hold like no other race.

The Lakeland 50 was a British Championship event and as such competition was higher than normal. The men’s race had Lakeland 100 winner and Montane athletes, Stuart Mills and Iznik and Spine Challenger winner, Marcus Scotney. In addition, we had Danny Kendall who just this year placed top-5 at the Marathon des Sables. Add to the mix, Kim Collison, and Lee Kemp a fast race was always on the cards. Fast it was… maybe too fast! Starting at 1130am, the heat of the day was already pushing down and when Danny Kendall says ‘it’s too hot!’ then you know it’s hot… In the early stages, a small group formed but it was Collinson who eventually snapped the elastic. Scotney came from behind and charged into 2nd place and then behind, Kendall and Mills had a tough battle for 3rd. At the line, Collinson finished in 7:48:01, Scotney 2nd in 8:06:42 and Kendall 3rd in 8:13:39.

The ladies race had Lakeland 50 course record holder, Tracy Dean racing against the female Lakeland 100 course record holder, Lizzie Wraith. For sure, it was an exciting head-to-head. However, add to the mix Jo Meek and a real battle was always going to unfold. Meek as expected pushed ahead of Wraith and Dean and never looked back. Running with 100% conviction, Meek dominated the race and never for a moment looked under threat. Dean unfortunately dropped due to illness leaving the door open for Wraith to take 2nd place and Bonnie Van Wilgenberg ran a controlled and impressive race for 3rd. Meeks run was so impressive that she placed 6th overall in a time of 8:43:14. Wraith ran 9:18:22 and Wilgenberg completed the top-3 in 9:31:05.

Full Lakeland 100 results are HERE

Full Lakeland 50 results are HERE

The Lakeland 100 and 50 are sponsored by Montane


all race images are available at

Episode 64 – Smith Batchen, Perkins, Almeida, Rasmussen





This is episode 64 of Talk Ultra and on this weeks show we speak with one of the Queens of ultra running, Lisa Smith Batchen. Mark Perkins talks about his win and course record at SDW100 and Ricardo Almeida gives us a minimalist perspective of running Comrades. We speak with Claus Rasmussen in about transitioning to minimalist and barefoot running. The News, a Blog, Talk Training, Up & Coming Races and Speedgoat.

Zugspitz Ultratrail
  1. Stephan Hugenschmidt 10:36:50
  2. Cris Clemente 11:14:39
  3. Dan Doherty 11:30:26
  1. Anne-Marie Flammersfield 13:53:21
  2. Helene Ogi 15:19:27
  3. Elena Polyakova 15:51:22
South Downs Way 100 – Miles
  1. Mark Perkins14:03:54
  2. Richard La Cock 15:11:28
  3. David Ross 15:58:54
INTERVIEW with race winner Mark Perkins
  1. Sharon Law 18:51:03
  2. Karen Hathaway 20:11:11
  3. Emily Gelder 20:11:15
West Highland Way Race 95 – miles
  1. Paul Giblin 14:20:11
  2. Robbie Britton 14:47:48
  3. Matt Williamson 16:05:07
  1. Fiona Ross 18:54:04
  2. Rosie Bell 19:02:19
  3. Keziah Higgins
Bighorn 100
  1. Luke Nelson 19:10:15
  2. Patrick McGlade 19:39:03
  3. Benjamin Bucklin 20:34:20
  1. Missy Gosney 24:30:40
  2. Gwen Scott 25:54:38
  3. Jamie Fink 26:05:05
Race the Sun - Asics Team ran the the UTMB route from dawn and they had to compile the route before sunset. They did it 15:41:35. They raced in relay against a team called Team Enduro. Article in the Guardian HERE
Steve Birkinshaw completes the Wainrights – 511km with 214 peaks (36,000m of vertical) – 6 days and 13 hours. Information HERE
Western States - going to be exciting! Race preview HERE
Skyrunning World Championships - VK, SKY and ULTRA. Race preview HERE
Lavaredo to take place with Anton Krupicka and Rory Bosio
We have the first race on the Skyrunning UK calendar, the V3K over the Welsh 3000’s – good luck everyone!
Contribute to Talk Ultra – HERE
New website and blog –
Ricardo Almeida gives us a minimalist viewpoint on running Comrades
MELTZER MOMENT with Speedgoat 
Lisa Smith-Batchen is a queen of ultra running. An inspiring lady who has achieved so much to benefit others. On July 1st, Lisa will attempt Badwater 135 4-times, back-to-back with 2-ascents of Mt Whitney. HERE
TALK TRAINING with Marc Laithwaite
Claus Rasmussen gives us an insightful talk on barefoot/ minimalist running and how to transition, adapt and progress in a safe and manageable way if this is something you would like to try. In addition, he tells us about a future challenge… website HERE


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Episode 62 – Comrades, Wardian, Meek, Clark


Episode 62 of Talk Ultra ia a Comrades Special show. We have a full and in-depth interview with Michael Wardian who is looking for a top-10 placing. Live from Durban, we speak to Jo Kelsey (Meek) who is having her first experience of this race. Nick Clark joins us to discuss UTMF, WSER and the up and coming Salomon SkyRun South Africa. We have a ladies perspective on running with children in Talk Training. The News, a Blog and joining me as a special Comrades Marathon co-host we have 2013 7th placed lady, Holly Rush.

This show is dedicated to Manya Claassen – RIP


‘As you all know, Niandi my partner has run Comrades 13-times. She has been on the show and discussed it… this year she returns for her 14th. IT IS THE ULTIMATE HUMAN RACE, you need to experience it to fully understand the emotions and the coming together of so many people. For Niandi, this year will be the hardest race ever, not only Comrades but of all the races she has done. I’m very sad to say that last week, Niandi’s sister, Manya, lost a 6-year long battle with cancer. Words can’t express the loss but despite everything she went through, she was and is one of the strongest ladies I have ever known. I remember Manya running Comrades with Niandi whilst in remission a few years ago. I was glued to the live feed whilst home in the UK. The emotions when she crossed the line will last with me forever… on June 1st, at the crow of the cockerel, Niandi will run one more time, not for herself but for her sister, her sisters children and her family… run strong, run free, run proud.’ Ian Corless
Niandi Carmont has asked that we read these words on her behalf:
‘It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end.”
― Ursula Le Guin
She was so perky and positive. I’ll will remember her this way.
Sifting through my e-mail I came across this message by my sister. These were words she’d written about a friend who like herself had lost the struggle against breast cancer. Manya had helped the same friend complete the Manya-Tough-One, a race in honour of breast cancer survivors.
Manya called herself a survivor. She was both a survivor and tough. And she loved a challenge. Nothing would irk her more than the words You can’t do that! Once she put her mind to something she did it, irrespective of the difficulty and the dissuasive arguments.
She ran 3 Comrades 2000, 2003 and 2010 – the latter in remission from breast cancer! Manya climbed Kiliminjaro, trekked Europe’s toughest hike the GR20 in Corsica with me, flew over at the drop of a hat to hike the UTMB route, did a crash course on artificial slopes in South Africa to ski on the black slopes in the Alps, bought a road bike and entered the Argus for the fun of it, drove from Jo’burg along the Mozambican coast on her own, transported tons of cement in her SUV to lay the foundations of a house she was building whilst raising 2 generations of kids.
I can honestly say she had no regrets – she lived life to the full and loved life. Manya’s leitmotiv was Carpe Diem but at the same time she was generous and thoughtful of those she loved giving of her time and energy especially to her sons Nathan and Dylan who meant the world to her.
I will miss my little sister – as will her boys, her family and all her friends.
THIS IS SKYRUNNING…. WATCH THE VIDEO Can you imagine it, one day, hopefully these scenes in the Lakes, the Peaks, Welsh mountains HERE


1. Kilian Jornet (Salomon) 3h48’38”

2. Marco De Gasperi (SCOTT Sports) 3h50’38”

3. Luis Alberto Hernando (adidas) 3h50’57”

4. Ionut Zinca (Valetudo Skyrunning Italia) 3h53’14”

5. Zaid Ait Malek (Buff) 3h55’06”



1. Stevie Kremer (Salomon) 4h46’44”

2. Elisa Desco (SCOTT Sports) 4h50’21”

3. Maite Mayora (La Sportiva) 4h51’48”

4. Emelie Forsberg (Salomon) 4h52’11”

5. Kasie Enman (Salomon) 4h53’35”

TNF100 Australia
  1. Stu Gibson – 9:31:11
  2. Andrew Tuckey (The North Face) – 9:31:??
  3. Brendan Davies (Inov-8) – 9:53:10
  4. Jonathan O’Loughlin – 9:53:30
  5. Ben Duffus (Hoka OneOne) – 9:56:16
  1. Núria Picas (Buff) – 10:57:46
  2. Joelle Vaught (Montrail) – 11:45:15
  3. Fernanda Maciel (The North Face) – 11:47:52
  4. Gill Fowler (La Sportiva) – 11:56:01
  5. Claire Walton – 12:05:30
GUCR – 145 miles
1st Pat Robbins 26:20

2nd Jon Kinder 27:48
3rd Stuart Gillet 29:35
7th Isobel Wykes 31:18 (1st Lady)
14th Heike Bergman 33:18 (2nd Lady)
19th Natasha Farid-Doyle 34:35 (3rd Lady)
Richard La Cock 7:05:12
John Melbourne 7:47:36
Thomas Jeffrey 7:52:40
Annabelle Streams 8:18:32
Gemma Carter 8:36:15
Deborah Turner 8:54:36
Speedgoat Karl Meltzer puts in another day at the office at the Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run this past weekend.  Karl punched the clock for his 4th win at Massanutten in 18:40:23 extending his world record at the 100 Mile distance to 36 wins and counting.  Karl’s win comes on the heels of a 100k win and course record in early April at the Zion 100k. 
Michael Wardian talk about his preparation for the 2014 Comrades
MELTZER MOMENT with Speedgoat 
Jo Meek speaks to us live from the Hilton, Durban just days before the race
TALK TRAINING with mum, Sue Fisher
Nick Clark talks UTMF, WSER and the up and coming Salomon SkyRun –


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Fun on the trails in La Palma


A real perk of what I do is having a few hours, a morning or even a day or two that will allow me some time for myself, to get out on the trails and explore a place or even a race route before or after an event.

To go to La Palma and not run would be sacrilege. I have run on trails and mountains all over the world, I wouldn’t be as bold or as confident to say that La Palma has the best but without doubt they are some of the best!

Looking at the Transvulcania La Palma route, the course makes so much sense; you start at the sea, you run up… up… up and up and then you drop back down like a bullet. It is pure Skyrunning, from sea, to summit to sea.

Combine this route with an ever-changing trail, spectacular views, spectacular cloud and incredible weather and you have a match made in heaven.

This year I extended my Transvulcania visit by a day, okay, maybe two and sneaked out for a couple of runs (hikes) to clear my mind, open my lungs and allow myself to feel alive again.

I love to follow races working hard as a photographer, writer and podcaster, but I also love to run… it’s not always easy to fit the latter in but I should! I should always find some time, some time to connect and find my own peace, my own karma and my own air.

This was even more important this year. It seems a haze; maybe it hasn’t even registered yet but just 1-hour after the start of the 2014 Transvulcania started, I was driving along the coastal road to my ‘spot’, a location I had found the previous day where I would take photos and I lost control of my car. I wasn’t going fast and no, despite a 3am start, I hadn’t fallen asleep at the wheel… the car twitched left, I turned right to compensate and before I knew it the car was exploding into a huge concrete block that stopped me going down a cliff.

Air backs everywhere, car in pieces, windscreen smashed, car broken, NO, wrecked and I walked away unharmed… Just a slightly sore nose from the impact of the driver’s air bag left me a memento for what had happened.

I was alive…

I think it’s actually taken till today, almost 1-week later for me to realize how lucky I was.

My work isn’t going to change, I love every hour, every minute, every second but I will, every now and again, stop… look around and find some time to get out on a trail and feel the karma and thank my lucky stars that I have an opportunity to carry on.

Thanks Nico and Val for helping me to escape on the trails of La Palma. It was needed, really needed.

Here are some images from the fun.

WIN! Anna ‘Frosty’ Frosts signed Transvulcania T-Shirt


To celebrate Anna FROSTY Frosts incredible comeback race and new course record at the 2014 Skyrunning Transvulcania La Palma, we have her own signed Transvulcania La Palma T-Shirt to give away.


Signed by Frosty the day after the race, this T-shirt will be available for 1-person who can provide the correct answer to the questions below:

  1. In what year did Frosty first win Transvulcania La Palma?
  2. What was her time in that year?
  3. What time did Frosty run in 2014?

You need to use the respond form to this post and only correct answers via this method will be added to a hat; the winner will be drawn on June 1st.




Transvulcania La Palma 2014 – Results and summary

What an incredible day of racing…. Dreams can come true and today we saw the long overdue top rank victory for Luis Alberto Hernando and one seriously awesome comeback run from Anna Frost.


Purchase images HERE

The 2014 Skyrunning Transvulcania La Palma was always going to be quite a race. The men’s field was stacked and although the ladies field lacked the depth of the men’s, we knew that a showdown was expected. The withdrawal of Nuria Picas in the days before the race certainly impacted on the ladies at the front end. This would leave a potential head-to-head with Frosty, 2012 champion, racing Emelie Forsberg, 2013 champion. Unfortunately, this battle came to an abrupt end when Emelie was pushed to the floor in the early stages of the race, despite trying to continue she eventually had to retire and was immediately taken to hospital for stitches and surgery.

Luis Alberto Hernando has played second fiddle to Kilian Jornet far too many times… in 2013, the Spaniard pushed the Catalan close and despite a joint victory at Trans D’Havet he never had the better of the Salomon runner. That is until today! Matching Kilian step-for-step, Luis Alberto finally made a move on the tough long descent from Roques de los Muchachos, opened up a 30-second gap which he then extended to almost 6-minutes at the line. It was a consummate performance by one of the most liked and modest runners in the world.

Luis’s win was not easy though, Sage Canaday, to my surprise; repeated his tactic of 2013 and took to the front early and pushed hard to open a gap. Like in ‘13’ the gap he opened was reeled in and then he slowly lost contact with an inform Kilian and Luis pushing at the front.

Despite high-profile talent, the expected battle with Dakota Jones, Timmy Olson and several other key players never materialized and instead we saw a return to form for Tofol Castanyer, the rise of Stephan Hugenschmidt and an incredible first ultra by Brit, Tom Owens.

© was an incredible day, but much of the talk has centered on the incredible comeback by Anna ‘Frosty’ Frost. You would have had to have been living in a cave to not know that Frosty has been struggling for the last 18-months with injury. It was an on and off affair that could have potentially stopped the unstoppable Kiwi racing again. However, just like Roy Hobbs in ‘The Natural’, Frosty hit the ball out of the field, grabbed the race by the scruff of the neck right from the start and lead from start to finish. Incredible!

Maite Mayora was my dark horse prediction for a shock performance and she didn’t let me down… her incredible ability at mountain and Skyrunning was put to great use on the trails of the GR131 and despite this being her first ultra, Maite produced a top-quality 2nd place.

Uxue Fraile once again showed that she has the grit and determination to hold on and mop up the places for 3rd and Emma Roca showed true grit and placed 4th despite fighting an obvious leg problem. Jodee Adams-Moore looked at one stage that she would place 3rd, she actually placed 6th behind Anne Lise Rousset.

The 2014 edition of the Transvulcania La Palma was once again and incredible and inspirational day of trail and mountain running and we have the ISF (International Skyrunning Federation) to thank for that. In 2012, Transvulcania was added to the Skyrunner® World Series when it had just 555 entrants, this year the entry list was 2000; four times the numbers! It just goes to show what an event this has become and for many, it is now considered a ‘bucket list race.’

A full set of race images will be posted to this website asap ©


Results HERE


  1. Luis Alberto Hernando – ESP adidas 6:55:41
  2. Kilian Jornet ESP Salomon 7:01:34
  3. Sage Canaday USA Hoka One One 7:11:39
  4. Tofol Castanyer ESP Salomon 7:23:56
  5. Stephan Hugenschmidt GER Salomon 7:27:10
  6. Tom Owens GBR Salomon 7:31:15
  7. Mauel Merillas ESP 7:34:55
  8. Timothy Olson 7:35:22
  9. Pablo Villa ESP Scott 7:36:12
  10. Dakota Jones USA Montrail 7:42:35


  1. Anna Frost NZL Salomon 8:10:41
  2. Maite Mayora ESP La Sportiva 8:48:01
  3. Uxue Fraile ESP Vibram 8:48:01
  4. Emma Roca ESP Compressport/ Buff 8:58:45
  5. Anne Lise Rousset FRA Team Race Land 9:10:29
  6. Jodee Adams-Moore USA Scott Sports 9:19:14
  7. Andrea Huser SUI 9:28:25
  8. Krissy Moehl USA Patagonia 9:29:00
  9. Frederica Boifava ITA Alpsation 9:41:32
  10. Alessandra Carlini ITA Salomon/ Agisko 9:47:25


Are you ready for the 2015 Skyrunning Transvulcania La Palma? I am…

Skyrunning HERE