Marathon des Sables Registration Day

Sandstorms hit the Bivouac and played with the minds of the runners on our arrival day in the Sahara.

It was a shock for all concerned.

But a new day and mid 25 to 30 deg temperatues settled mids. Camp is alive with excitement. Lined up in groups of 100 the 2013 runners registered and picked up race numbers.

Tomorrow, Sunday, the race starts in earnest.

Our communication outlets are extremely limited from the media tent so I apologise in advance for short posts that may become very sporadic in the coming days.

A press conference with Patrick Bauer and we were presented with last years winners and favourites for this year.

Tonight, we have a full brifieng with all the runners and staff. The race becomes a reality tomorrow.

Let the excitement begin and let the Marathon of the Sands unfold……