Coros VERTIX Adventure GPS Watch Review

For me, I have everything I need in the VERTIX and I won’t be exchanging it for anything else. No frills, hard core, designed for adventure, excellent build and amazing battery, it is a winner! Continue reading

adidas Speed Pro SG Shoe Review – First Look.

The Terrex Speed Pro SG will turn heads through its striking looks, the Core Black / Cloud White / Solar Yellow and a flash of pink looks great! The features listed are stand out, while there are some similarities to other soft ground shoes from other brands there are some notable differences that will make this shoe appeal – Cushioning, low drop, wider toe box, lightweight and 7mm lugs. Continue reading

adidas Terrex Speed Ultra Shoe Review

The adidas Terrex Speed Ultra is just a wow! It’s been a long time that I have pulled on a shoe, run 12-miles off the bat and not taken the smile off my face because the footwear is just bouncing me and pulling me along and tempting me to run at a pace that I can’t maintain. Continue reading

Winter Running and Adventure Essentials – What Goes In The Pack?

All running, particularly in the mountains, remote areas and particularly if going ‘solo’ brings an element of danger that must be managed. Winter and extreme conditions do increase risks. in this article, I list the equipment I would use for day-to-day adventures and then how I would expand that equipment list for more adventurous and specific trips. Continue reading

VJ Sport Xero 5 Winter Studded Shoe Review

Light, agile and responsive, the the VJ Sport Xero 5 are a real pleasure to run in and not at the compromise of comfort. The 20 carbon steel studs provide grip in snow and ice conditions all with great cushioning and an 8mm drop. They are a winner! Continue reading

100-Mile Training Plan

It’s not impossible for a normal person to run 100 miles. Once you believe that, the challenge becomes so much easier. Ultimately, it all comes down to strategic planning, grit, determination and not necessarily genetic talent. This plan is progressive, gradual and ensures that training stimulus is counter balanced with periods of rest. Not only on a weekly basis but a monthly basis. Continue reading

Multi-Day Training Plans : 12-Week and 24-Week

Do you need a Multi-Day Training Plan for a multi-day adventure or a race like Marathon des Sables? The 12-week and 24-week Multi-Day Training Plans are designed to provide you with a structured weekly plan culminating in a multi-day race or adventure with self-sufficiency. Continue reading