The Arctic Triple Ultra-Trail 2023 Summary

Ultimately, Lofoten is a magical paradise that is waiting to be explored. There is so much to do and see that one trip will not be enough and it will only whet the appetite for future visits and plans.
However, if you need an introduction to this magical part of the world, signing up for one of The Arctic Triple races would be a great introduction.
160km, 80km, 48km, 24km, 12km or the new stage race, running The Arctic Triple lets you experience the nature, views and atmosphere of Lofoten – there is no better way to experience any place! Continue reading

Marathon des Sables 2023 #MDS Summary

Stripped back from connection and technology, MDS is one of the ultimate raw experiences in this crazy modern and connected world; one tent, 8-people, one bag per person; rationed food, clothing, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, mandatory equipment and rationed water, it gets no simpler or basic. For those who have experienced it, they know the life changing process that the experience brings. They dared to place themselves in the arena knowing that if at least they fail, they do so while daring greatly. Continue reading

Marathon des Sables 2023 #MDS Stage 3

At 34km, stage 3 had less challenges than stage 2, but still a tough day. The organisation made a decision to bring the stage 3 start forward by 1-hour, 0700 instead of 0800. It maybe caused some logistical, admin and timing issues for all but it was a good call. Continue reading

Marathon des Sables 2023 #MDS Stage 2

It was a tough first day to the 2023 Marathon des Sables with 17 dropping out, a combination of heat, dehydration and exhaustion. Although a shorter day-2 was welcomed, it had increased technicality and vertical gain, therefore making it an equally hard day. Continue reading

Marathon des Sables 2023 Preview #MDS

The 2023 MARATHON DES SABLES draws near and as usual, here is a preview of the coming edition. We will look at the top contenders for the male and female podiums, provide an overview of MDS history and look at some crazy statistics. Continue reading