Race Day Nutrition (Part Seven) – Marc Laithwaite

Last week we introduced specific products used during endurance events and how they can fulfil your requirements in terms of nutrition intake. There are 3 common sports products used during endurance racing: Drinks powders Gels Bars This week, we’ll check … Continue reading

Race Day Nutrition (Part Six) – Marc Laithwaite

Having discussed carbohydrate, fluid and salt intake, I thought it would be prudent to focus a little more on application. We’ll take a look at the specific products used during endurance events and whether they can fulfil your requirements in terms … Continue reading

Race Day Nutrition (Part Five) – Marc Laithwaite

Your body needs fluids for various functions. Body cells and tissues are filled with fluid, the nervous system requires fluid and the fluid component of your blood (known as plasma) is also affected by your drinking habits. Exercise leads to … Continue reading

Race Day Nutrition (Part Four) – Marc Laithwaite

So last week (part three HERE) we discussed carbohydrate absorption and the role of insulin, this week, we are going to look at how to take foods on board whilst competing, to avoid stomach problems and maximise performance. I’m having … Continue reading

Race Day Nutrition (Part Three) – Marc Laithwaite

Last week we showed you how to calculate the amount of carbohydrate used during cycling and running, in order for you to produce a structured plan for race nutrition. This week, we begin the process of looking at what and … Continue reading

Race Day Nutrition (Part Two) – Marc Laithwaite

So last week (Part One Here)we finished by talking about how many calories you use during an event and how to make a quick calculation of fat and carbohydrate contributions. To recap, we said: 80/20: If you are struggling to … Continue reading

Race Day Nutrition (Part One) – Marc Laithwaite

In recent articles, we’ve discussed the 2 main fuel sources for endurance exercise (fat and carbohydrate) and how you should optimise your body to burn fat, thereby allowing you to save precious carbohydrate stores. When it comes to race day … Continue reading

The Ultimate Equipment Guide to Desert Multi-Day Racing – Hints ‘n’ Tips Updated

Desert running brings many challenges and running in a desert for multiple days brings a whole new set of challenges. Over 30-years ago (1984), Patrick Bauer, filled up a pack with food and water and trekked off alone into the … Continue reading

Fuelling for a Multi-Day like MDS – Marathon des Sables

Runners are required to carry all they need to survive in a multi-day like MDS. Fuelling is essential to survive and the balance of calories v weight is a prime concern. Continue reading

Lanzarote Training Camp 2018 Day 3

A long day on the trails this morning with our 40-participants split into 5 groups moving along the stunning coastline on Lanzarote. The technical trails are a challenge and it is fair to say, they are a much greater challenge … Continue reading