Clarity on Financial Rewards

Product reviews on this website are impartial and receive no financial reward from the brand whose product I am reviewing. In most scenarios, the product is provided free of charge for me to review and in 99% of scenarios, I retain the product for onward personal use and long-term testing. 

I often am able to gift these products away after a certain time period and the only renumeration I take is to cover postage/ delivery.

High value items, such as watches, are often loaned for a testing period and then returned to the brand. However, this will depend on the brand and the product. In a review I will indicate which scenario is applicable.

If any financial gain is received, this will be indicated in any review.

On my website, I offer Patreon as a way to finance reviews, however, this is optional for the reader and my articles on the website are available for all, irrespective if you support via Patreon or not. I do offer Patreon only content which is accessible via my Patreon page.

Race coveragephotographywriting and magazine articles are the core of my business and how I make a living. Therefore, it is fair to assume that any pre-race articles and post-race articles on my website are offered as part of package for which I will receive a payment.

Photographic assignments, if not for personal pleasure, will be provided based on a client’s requests and brief. Writing can also fall into this category and I often provide photojournalism which is a combination of both elements.

Talk Ultra podcast is a free show and is supported by some members of the audience with Patreon support. In some scenarios, a show will be supported by a brand, race or independent client. Should this be the case, it will be indicated in the show and in the show notes.

Please feel free to contact me using the relevant page here.