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The Science of Running Efficiency

Get that fleet-footed feeling with our eRide range. The unique rocker shape creates a very stable midstance, promoting the faster and more efficient running style that runners strive for. You’ ll be rocking as the miles roll by.

Unique heel shape allows the foot to roll forward, converting impact energy into forward motion by propelling the athlete onto the forefoot as quickly as possible. This increases efficiency and reduces strain on tired muscles.

Most running shoes have raised arches in the midfoot. Scott running shoes do not, providing a solid platform that guides the foot through the stride while reducing energy lost due to deformation of the midsole.

Hydro Management Nano Technology by P21

Invisible to wearers, the protective layer of ion-maskTM is over one thou- sand times thinner than a human hair. The technology is molecularly bonded to the whole surface of the product making it extremely du- rable without affecting the look or feel of the product. Furthermore, ion-maskTM lasts as long as the material itself and is not compromised by everyday wear.

Treated articles keep wearers comfortable and dry by repelling water from outside and maintaining optimum control of temperature and breathability. By resisting the absorption of water and dirt, ion-maskTM also helps guard against stains, making products look newer for longer.


Developed to grant the best grip on very cold, iced, or snowy surfaces. The IcetrekTM rubber compound provides better traction on all surfaces at low temperatures. Whether the surface is wet or dry, snow, ice, rock or asphalt, IcetrekTM provides superior slip-resistance in cold tempera- tures, because the specially formulated compound retains its soft and pliable properties regardless of the temperature. IcetrekTM does not be- come hard and continues to have a high coefficient of friction on most surfaces, including icy roads. The excellent traction provided by the Ice- trekTM compound is apparent in warm temperatures as well. The hard- ness of IcetrekTM compound at -20°C is virtually unchanged at +30°C, making this compound extremely versatile for outdoor footwear.

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