I will be attending all the following races in a photographer/ journalist capacity. If you are interested in an article or images or would like to discuss me attending your race, then please contact me using the contact page


12th – 14th Mud, Sweat and Trail ‘MDS’ weekend, Netherlands

16th – 28th Lanzarote Training Camp


9th – 19th The Coastal Challenge, Costa Rica

22nd – 26th Transgrancanaria, Gran Canaria

24th – (March 2nd) Bikingman, Oman ?


Bikingman conclusion

15th – 19th Efes Ultra, Turkey


6th – 16th Marathon des Sables, Morocco 20th – 23rd Iznik Ultra, Turkey

20th – 23rd Iznik Ultra, Turkey

27th – 30th MIUT, Madeira or Yading, China – tbc


3rd – 8th Maxi Race, South Africa

11th – 15th Northern Traverse, UK


1st – 4th Ultra Skymarathon Madeira (USM), Madeira

7th – 11th Blue Trail, Tenerife

14th – 18th Livignio SkyRace, Italy


13th – 16th Lakes Sky Trails, UK

20th – 23rd Running Heroes, Russia

27th – 30th Comapedrosa, Andorra


23rd – 27th Trofeo Kima, Italy


4th – 11th Superior Trail Race, USA

12th – 17th Skyline Scotland, UK

27th – 1st Ultra Mirage, Tunisia


12th – 15th Limone Extreme, Italy

TBC date Garmin Mourne Skyline MTR, Ireland


4th – 16th Everest Trail Race, Nepal




2017 Calendar

January 2017

17th – 27th Lanzarote Training Camp

28th – 29th Marmot Dark Mountains

February 2017

3rd – 5th – Mud, Sweat and Trails ‘Trails In Motion’ and ‘Running Beyond’ talk and signing, Netherlands. Information HERE

9th – 20th – The Coastal Challenge, Costa Rica

22nd – 26th – Transgrancanaria, Gran Canaria

March 2017

16th – 19th Public Speaking, Sofia, Bulgaria

24th – 27th – Paris

28th – 31st – BIRDCATCHER movie, official still photographer, Norway

April 2017

6th – 17th – Marathon des Sables, Morocco

21st – 23rd – Iznik Ultra, Turkey

24th – 27th – BIRDCATCHER movie, official still photographer, Norway

28th – 4th May – Yading SkyRace, China

May 2017

10th – 16th – Transvulcania, La Palma, Spain

17th – 18th – Vertical Tower Racing, Paris

20th – 27th – Dragons Back Race, Wales, UK

June 2017

2nd – 5th – Ultra Skymarathon Madeira, Portugal

8th – 10th – Scenic 90K Lugano, Italy

16th – 19th – Livignio, Italy

23rd – 25th – Olympus Sky Marathon, Greece

July 2017

1st – 2nd – Rat Race, City to Summit, Scotland

8th – 9th – High Trail Vanoise, France

14th – 16th – Royal Gran Paradise, Italy

21st – 23rd – Dolomites SkyRace, Italy

28th – 30th – Compapedrosa, Andorra

August 2017

3rd – 6th – Tromso, Norway

10th – 13th – Devils Ridge, China

24th – 26th – Matterhorn Ultraks, Switzerland

September 2017

1st – 6th – The Rut, USA

9th – 11th – Superior 100, USA

14th – 18th – Glen Coe Skyline, Scotland

22nd – 24th – Ultra Pirineu, Spain

October 2017

7th – Lakes in a Day, UK

12th – 15th – Limone Extreme, Italy

21st – 24th – Mourne Skyline MTR, Ireland

27th – 29th – Ecotrail Funchal, Madeira

November 2017

       3rd – 19th – Everest Trail Race, Nepal

27th – MDS PERU, Peru

December 2017



If you would like to request race photography or coverage, please use the form below

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