Coaching Pricing and Information

Everyone is different! What works for one athlete doesn’t necessarily work for another. I offer bespoke training plans geared to your targets and importantly taking into consideration your available time and commitments. I inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals. Offering a pool of resources within the running and endurance sport industry, I will help you get the most from your training and racing.

I offer training camps and coaching experiences that will help you on your journey.


  • A set up fee of £150 this includes an in depth planning meeting, Q&A and race discussion.
  • Monthly Cost of £100.00 payable 1st of the month in advance
  • Minimum Term – 3 months with 30 days (1 month) notice


View a sample week HERE from the 12-week plan. Purchase HERE
View a sample week HERE from the 24-week plan. Purchase HERE
View a sample week HERE from the 24-week plan. Purchase HERE


Coaching Philosophy

You need the right mindset to achieve your goals. These goals in the initial stages in the grand scheme of things may seem insignificant in comaprison to what others achieve. But remember, they are your targets!. Start with an idea, a challenge. This should be something that takes you out of your comfort zone, challenging but it should also be achievable. Be focussed, it keeps you honest and it will provide objectives. I create a training platform to make your idea a reality. With a well structured training plan I will construct a strategy that gradually builds over a progressive time period making you aware of how to hone your skills and fitness.

With discipline, patience and understanding we will achieve your goals. A perfect training plan is balanced. It takes into consideration your time, your commitments, your work, your family and all other factors that affect your life. One common thread that I find is that my coaching clients find it very hard to be objective about the time that they train or don’t train. I remove these worries and provide the balance.

What is included in the plan

Your coaching is provided using FINAL SURGE which can be used on your laptop or mobile device such as iPhone or Android.

Telephone call – An initial call of 1-hour, or more. I carry out an in-depth discussion on your sporting background, your achievements, your goals and what you want to achieve. The more input you provide, the more effective the plan. I will also send you a very detailed Q&A doc and PARQ form so that we can ensure that we have all your history and doctors approval before undertaking endurance training.

Training plan – Your training plan is provided via Final Surge.

Plan calls – You are entitled to a monthly plan call that can last up to 30-minutes. here we discuss progression, objectives and future targets. Calls are booked via email.

Communication – You have unlimited email and WhatsApp messaging to ask any questions as you move through your training, I aim to reply by return, at times it may take longer.

Planning – I constantly monitor and revise your schedule planning races as preparation to your key goal. If required, we may even review your whole plan to accomodate unforseen changes.