Episode 36 – Ultrapedestrian Ras, Kremer, Calitz, Davies, Cardelli, Browy


Episode 36 of Talk Ultra – Stevie Kremer and AJ Calitz talk to us from Zegama-Aizkorri. We speak to Brendan Davies and Beth Cardelli respective winners from TNF100 in Australia. An inspirational 15 minutes of fame with Eric Browy, Talk Training is about Knees with Mitch from StrideUK. Our interview is with UltraPedestrian Ras. Speedgoat (Karl Meltzer) is back, we have a blog, the news and of course, the up and coming races.

Show Notes:

00:00:45 Start
00:16:30 News with Speedgoat
00:24:50 AJ Calitz talks to Ian after his run at Zegama-Aikorri.

Trail runner Andre ‘AJ’ Calitz is a record-setting South African trail runner. Over the past two years he has won numerous local races, frequently setting new records on challenging courses. He is sponsored by the outdoor brand K-Way. In just the past six months Calitz ascended Table Mountain’s Platteklip Gorge a record 11 times between sunrise and sunset to win the K-Way Platteklip Charity Challenge. He then won the two-day Grootvadersbosch Trail Run, where he set new records on both days. At the end of August, running in wind and rain, Calitz won the 80-kilometre Hi-Tec Peninsula Ultra Fun Run (PUFfeR) and set a new record time of six hours, 59 minutes and 36 seconds, becoming the first runner to set a sub-7 hour time on the original, full-distance route. In 2012 Calitz placed second at The Otter, a 42-kilometre trail run on the iconic Otter Hiking Trail. Even more impressive was that Andre, together with race winner Iain Don-Wauchope, became the first runners to break the 4h30 barrier. Both runners broke the course record set last year by Ryan Sandes. Although Calitz is a relative newcomer to trail running, his pedigree is impressive. He has been a multiple All Africa Triathlon Champion, South African Duathlon and Triathlon Champion and South African Cycling Champion. He also holds silver medals for Two Oceans and Comrades finishes.

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00:50:20 Stevie Kremer talk to Ian after a stunning third place Zegama-Aizkorri.
Stevie Kremer, burst on the U.S. trail running scene  with a few notable races in Colorado. She moved to Italy in 2012 and performed beyond expectations at Sierre-Zinal with an incredible second place. Stevie finished seventh in the World Mountain Running Championships 8.8K uphill race on Sept. 2 in Temu-Ponte di Legno, Italy, and then won the World Long Distance Mountain Running Challenge at the 42.2K Jungfrau Marathon in Switzerland the following weekend.
01:04:35 News
01:07:25 Brendan Davies not only won the TNF 100 in Australia but he broke Kilian Jornet’s two year old course record.
I live in the Blue Mountains and work in Western Sydney. In my day job, I am a Special Education school teacher; kids call me Mr D.  I’ve been a school teacher for over 10 years and love it. It has been both a very challenging and rewarding career thus far. But I am a runner, always have been and always will be. I have recently been selected on the International Inov-8 team – a dream come true which will take me wider and further than I ever thought, to some of the most spectacular places on Earth like Mt Fuji and Mt Blanc. Another great honour was to be named by my ultra running peers and the governing body of ultra running in Australia – AURA, as the 2012 Australian Ultra Runner of the Year.
01:20:06 Beth Cardelli topped the podium in the ladies race at TNF100.
I really only started running after being involved with my husbands 2007 Sydney Trailwakler Team. We had a pretty slow time and I knew I could do the distance a lot faster. Since then I have focused on becoming a better runner. HERE
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01:43:50 BlogRob Krar on iRunFar HERE
01:48:40 Talk Training with Mitch from Stride UK
02:12:55 Interview with Ultrapedestrian Ras – website HERE
I expound my ideas, experiences, philosophies and half-assed schemes simply as documentation of the immense blessing that is my life. I am uneducated and underemployed, and in many ways not what is typically considered a productive member of society, and my words should be understood within this context.
02:51:55 Meltzer Moment with Speedgoat
02:59:00 15 Min of Fame with Eric Browy

After throwing away a scholarship and getting kicked out of college for partying too much, my guest enlisted in the Army in June of 2002. As soon as he arrived at his unit, he was deployed to Iraq in the beginning of 2003, here he truly learned the meaning of what a Soldier was and more than anything that just because someone was not his blood they could be his brother. His brother had been killed when he was younger and he had gone through life not expecting to every have that relationship with anyone again. He found that in the Army. After returning home, with less people than we departed with he struggled while being back at Ft. Hood, He didn’t admit that he had any problems, It was a difficult thing for him to handle all of the loss that had happened while being deployed so he just “soldiered on” and self-medicated himself with alcohol and partying in my non-working hours. In 2005 he was deployed again and he was injured in March  2006. Team RWB HERE
03:23:25 Races
03:27:00 Close


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Ryan Sandes out of Western States


In an unfortunate turn of events, ultra-marathon trail runner Ryan Sandes has sadly had to withdraw from the 2013 Western States 100 miler being held in Squaw Valley, California next month.

“On a training run on Tuesday afternoon this week, I unfortunately rolled my ankle rather badly. The post-MRI diagnosis is a partial tear to one of the ligaments in my ankle. Although it’s not a serious injury, and doctors expect me to be up and running again in about 4 to 6 weeks, I have had to make the tough decision of pulling out of the Western States 100 miler,” explains Ryan. “I am really disappointed as my training has gone so well this year and I was so looking forward to racing the WS100 after my tummy bug mishap in Australia. After 6 years of mostly injury-free racing, I can’t complain and will be back on the trails again soon!”

The next race on Ryan’s calendar will be the Run Rabbit Run 100 miler in Steamboat Springs, Colorado on the 13th of September 2013. This is the 2nd year the 100 miler race will be run, alongside the usual 50miler race, and has already drawn big names like Timothy Olsen, winner of the 2012 Western States 100miler.

Good luck Ryan!

Transvulcania La Palma 2013 Video

©copyright .iancorless.com.P1080588_Snapseed

The 2013 official Transvulcania La Palma video.

Enjoy! 😉

Published on May 29, 2013

Reportaje Oficial de Transvulcania 2013 Salomon Nature Trails

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FACES on TrailChile


Faces por Ian Corless

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Cada cara cuenta una historia, fatiga, cansancio y falta de sueño, cada línea de la cara como un campo arado listo para nuevos cultivos. Las mejillas se han vuelto cuevas, excavadas y colocadas bajo los pómulos.

Miradas fijas faltas de emoción. Los ojos se han vuelto hoyos en el espacio; miras en ellos y encuentras nada.

Esta es la 28va edición de la Marathon des Sables. Terreno rocoso, calor abrasador y dunas implacables empujas a todos hasta el límite pero es la cara de cada corredor la que muestra el dolor o la gloria, lo ves, sus rostros cuentan historias.

La Marathon des Sables ha sido descrita como una de las carreras de resistencia más duras en el planeta. Son seis días de autosuficiencia en el Sahara Marroquí. Cada corredor debe cargar todo lo que él o ella necesita para lograr terminar, la única excepción es el agua, la cual es racionada cada día.

El marroquí Mohamad Ahansal, cuatro veces ganador de esta carrera, vuelve por una quinta victoria. Su cara lleva confianza, su sonrisa ancha y brillante. Meghan Hicks, solo la segunda americana en la historia, después de Lisa-Smith Batchen en ganar dentro de las mujeres, se ve fresca y casi como un querubín con sus dos racimos de pelo salen de los lados de su cabeza.

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You can view FACES OF MDS HERE

TrailChile HERE

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  • Marathon des Sables 2013
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TNFUTMB need points?


Today the TNFUTMB organisation is going further by testing the creation of a mark, which will allow training courses to be a source of points, according to very strict criteria. This course is organised this year in partnership with WAA.

Qualifying courses with WAA

WAA, (What An Adventure), an enterprise which focuses on two activities: training and sports merchandise.

WAA Ultra Training has, for several years been organising courses in collaboration with, amongst others, Vincent Delebarre (winner if the UTMB®) for the mountains and Laurence Klein (multiple winner of the Marathon des Sables) for the desert…WAA Ultra Equipment offers ranges of products in the colours of the partner races such as Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®, the Marathon des Sables, or even the Eco-Trail de Paris.

This year the WAA, for  several years a partner with the  UTMB® are opening the way by setting up, under the aegis of the organisation, a new concept of training courses for preparation for the UTMB®, CCC®  or TDSTM valid for any long trail race which is run in the mountains.

The mountains as well as being beautiful can be hostile, difficult and changeable …The potential risks are numerous but it is possible to anticipate them when they were identified and when one is ready for them. So, the Ultra-Trail ® course will offer apart from a reconnaissance of the terrain, physical training and real ‘mountain’ environment training: “Safe” behaviour, good practise in respect for the environment, race management to optimise performance allowing the runner to be the key to his own safety.

Vincent Delebarre‘s testimony: “For 8 years I have organised around fifteen courses each summer which allow me to judge the physical condition and above all the knowledge of the activity and the participants’ environment. And there is still a lot to be done. The qualifying races show the level of experience relating to trail -running but for all that do not confer, the minimum  knowledge of good management and comportment in the mountains : knowing what to do, how to react in case of injury, or storms, how to help a wounded person in the cold or under the sun… These courses offer the training necessary for a trail runner to become autonomous because trail-running is not just simply running but also integrating into the surrounding environment.”

The courses earn up to 3 qualification points

The Ultra-Trail® courses allow for the possible acquisition of 3 qualifying points, validation average from both the leader and an external jury. But following the example of « Mont-Blanc courses » in the mountains (courses of 5 days preparation and acclimatisation aiming at the ascension of Mont-Blanc), the awarding of points, same as the arrival at the summit of Europe, is not guaranteed. Bad weather conditions, limited physical condition or insufficient technique can lead to an absence of points. Participation in the courses does not mean automatic acquisition of points.

For these courses in the absence of the idea of the competition, the physical and mental load imposed is equivalent to a trail-running event worth 3 points. To obtain this qualifying recognition, the level of these training courses is very high and the qualities required to participate in it are important: being capable of doing the UTMB ® route at the speed of the official time barriers, having the endurance required for each of 4 stages, of having a minimal experience of the Mountain environment…

As for their progress in stages, the notion is already known and used, since today certain big races with stages like the Marathon des Sables, the Défi de l’Oisans, the Annapurna Mandala Trail, the Desert Oman Raid, the Transrockies run or even the Grand to Grand Ultra… are qualifying and already carry points. Also the number of points from the Ultra-Trail®training courses is determined on the basis of the calculation which is currently used for these races and takes into account the kilometres, positive height gain, number of stages and their difficulty, the time barriers, etc.

Michel Poletti confirms that: « Having tested the courses lead by Vincent Delebarre has run for several years, they demand the physical and mental engagement which is as important as that of a race in stages. They carry a qualitative education on the practice of the trail-running in the mountains (effort management, learning to be autonomous, safety, and respect for the environment…). Beyond just training they can allow the acquisition of the necessary Mountain experience, just as much as by their participation in a race. ».

Training courses for a veritable preparation for trail-running races in the mountains

– Physical and mental preparation

·        170km around the massif of Mont-Blanc

·        9 500m of positive height gain

·        To be realised in 4 days at race speed

·        Around 10 or 12 hours of course each day, including refreshment stops

·        A section realised partially at night

·        Same equipment and rucksack packed as for the Ultra-Trail®

– A technical and tactical training

·        Management of the first hours of the race

·        Techniques : ascending, descending, with poles, without poles, supple running, managing walking/running

·        Management of refreshments

·        Managing long descents

·        Food management

·        Orientation tools and their use

·        Managing the night

·        Micro siestas

·        Equipment, clothing, tips, the pack

·        Diet

·        Training for very long trail races in the mountains

·        Knowing how to read the weather forecasts, adapting clothing and pack

– Raising awareness to the rules of the mountains

·        Life in a mountain hut

·        The dangers of the mountains and adequate reaction to them

·        Witness an accident: what should you do?

·        Taking the fragility of the locality into account

·        Cartography – altimeter

– With recognized technical leaders

·          Vincent Delebarre, high mountain guide, high calibre trail-runner, winner of the 2004 UTMB® 2004, course leader for several years and coordinator of the Ultra-Trail® courses.

·          Jean-Claude Marmier: founder of the Groupe Militaire de Haute Montagne (GMHM), one of the pioneers of French and world mountaineering, several times finisher of the UTMB®, supervisor for the Ultra-Trail® courses.

·          Professional recognised mountain leaders and specialists in trail running

·          Specialist contributors: mountain security, experts in nutrition, training, environment, trail runners of high calibre, etc.



–         4 full days

–         4 stages – 165 km – 9 500 m of positive and negative height –

–         Up to 3 qualifying points

Distance 42km 38km 43km 42km
Height gain 2 900m 2 300m 1 900m 2 400m
Height loss 1 400 m 2 700 m 2 700 m 2 800 m
Estimated time 11hrs 10hrs 10hrs 11hrs


–         2 full days

–         2 stages – 100 km – 6 000 m of height gain and 6 150 m height loss –

–         Up to 2 qualifying points

Distance 54km 46km
Height gain 3 255m 2 711m
Height loss 3 010m 3 140m
Estimated time 11hrs 10hrs


–         3 full days

–         3 stages – 119 km – 7 250 m of height gain and 7 450 m height loss –

–         Up to 2 qualifying points

Distance 36km 38km 45km
Height gain 2 524 m 2 364 m 2 372 m
Height loss 1 556 m 2 890 m 3 000 m
Estimated time 10h 9h 11h

A professional and economic dynamic

An information day « trail-running in the mountains » is being organised by the WAA, Vincent Delebarre and Jean-Claude Marmier with the aim of explaining the context of these courses, the stakes and the tolerated levels required by the leaders. It is aimed at, firstly, around ten mountain professionals who because they have the specific information, can supervise the Ultra-Trail® training courses.

The organisers are going even further, by imagining eventually a training which could deliver an additional and specific mention “mountain trail-running” for professional guides or leaders…who would like to organise courses themselves. A discussion is planned with the National School of Ski and Mountaineering to see if it is possible to envisage a collaboration for this training to become recognized speciality, and offered by the mountain careers sector.

Trail-running is today a rapidly expanding phenomenon which is generating an innovative energy urging the development of the discipline and all its players. It is the vector of an economy at every level offering mountain huts, municipalities, guides and race organisers very positive perspectives.

I would be really interested to hear your thoughts and comments on this?

Zegama Race Summary

Kilan and Hernando copyright Ian Corless

Kilan and Hernando copyright Ian Corless

It was close… oh so close! Seconds separated Kilian Jornet and Luis Alberto Hernando at the 2013 Zegama-Aizkorri. Post race in a chat with Kilian, we discussed the race and he was extremely satisfied to be pushed so hard in the latter stages of the race.

“I had relaxed and was running comfortably and then suddenly Luis appeared” Kilian said, “I had a race on my hands, we pushed each other very hard and it was only in the final kilometre that I surged and pulled away”.

Luis Alberto Hernando is the 2011 World Champion and is clearly in great form at the moment. Only a couple of weeks ago he participated in his first ultra, Transvulcania La Palma, and here he placed second again behind Kilian.

Kilian and Marco, Zegama 2013 copyright Ian Corless

Kilian and Marco, Zegama 2013 copyright Ian Corless

Marco De Gasperi, after some deliberation (ankle injury) toed the line and led the race to the 21 km check point with his sparring partner, Kilian Jornet. Kilian and Marco love to race each other and we have witnessed some tremendous battles over the years. However, Zegama would not see a repeat, Marco pulled out to ensure that he did not stress his injury any farther.

Luis Alberto Hernando worked his way through the field and pursued Kilian and finally caught him. What followed was a tremendous game of cat and mouse as the two pushed each other to the limit on the long and final descent.

Kilian pulled away in the final moments of the race to miss Rob Jebb’s 2005 course record by just 20 seconds, his finishing time 3:54:38. Luis Alberto Hernando finished just seconds later and Tadei Pivk produced a stunning run to finish third in 3:59:07.

It was really close.... Zegama 2013

It was really close…. Zegama 2013

The ladies race had all the makings of a classic. Emelie Forsberg, Nuria Picas, Oihana Kortazar, Silvia Serafini and Stevie Kremer would do battle on this classic mountain course.

World long course mountain running champion, Stevie Kremer pushed hard from the start and lead the race until over halfway but Emelie Forsberg paced herself extremely well. She took over the lead and then slowly pulled away to ultimately dominate the race for a stunning win in 4:48:12.

Emelie Forsberg copyright Ian Corless

Emelie Forsberg copyright Ian Corless

The first half of the race was fast and furious, but as time and distance progressed experience came through. In particular, Nuria Picas, the 2012 Skyrunner Ultra champion and fresh from her second place at Transvulcaniawho was out of the top five in the first half of the race. She moved through the field, hunted runners down and then passed Stevie Kremer on the descent to be place second.

Nuria Picas copyright Ian Corless

Nuria Picas copyright Ian Corless

Stevie Kremer (pre race interview here) running her first SkyMarathon performed superbly and without doubt is a star of the future. She openly said, “I need to work on my descending, it is what let me down today”.

Stevie Kremer copyright Ian Corless

Stevie Kremer copyright Ian Corless

As Nuria waved to the crowd she almost lost second place as Stevie burst around the corner of the finishing straight. The time gap shows how close it was at the finish, 4:49:55 for Nuria and 4:49:58 for Stevie. Without doubt we will be seeing Stevie on podium again throughout the 2013 calendar.

©copyright .iancorless.com.P1100432

A notable mention must also go to Silvia Serafini (pre race interview here). Silvia was having a stunning race and was in third place for much of the race, but she twisted her ankle on the final descent. She finally finished within the top ten but the frustration of what might have been was clear to see on her face and she fell to the floor after crossing the finish line.

Silvia Serafini copyright Ian Corless

Silvia Serafini copyright Ian Corless

Zegama-Aizkorri is renowned for the severity of the course, the ability of the runners and the passion of the supporters. It’s a pleasure and a honour to witness the action unfold and the atmosphere is akin to a stage of the Tour de France.

The crowds and the passion, Zegama 2013 copyright Ian Corless

The crowds and the passion, Zegama 2013 copyright Ian Corless

Skyrunning is not just about fast ascents, but even faster descents – a technique that distinguishes the sport.  Many strong runners new to the sport, like Germany’s Florian Reichert, Japan’s Toru Miyahara and South African A J Caltiz, who excelled on the uphill, will be honing their skills on the downhill for the next Sky Series challenge in Chamonix on June 30 with the Mont-Blanc Marathon.

  • A full set of race images are available HERE
  • Images from the race briefing HERE
Kilan Jornet and Emelie Forsberg copyright Ian Corless

Kilan Jornet and Emelie Forsberg copyright Ian Corless

Race results


1. Kilian Jornet (Salomon Santiveri) – 3h54’38”

2. Luis Alberto Hernando (adidas) – 3h54’50”

3. Tadei Pivk (Crazy Idea) – 3h58’07”


1.  Emelie Forsberg (Salomon) –  4h48’12”

2.  Nuria Picas (FEEC) – 4h49’55”

3.  Stevie Kremer (Salomon Agisko) – 4h49’58”

Video Highlight:

Zegama – A race in images

An absolutely incredible day on the trails and mountains of Zegama. Congratulations to Emelie & Kilian. Stunning!

Zegama Briefing

Athletes assembled for the 2013 Zegama briefing. We have been  guaranteed good weather!

Florian Reichert Zegama pre race interview

Florian Reichert Arc'teryx copyright Ian Corless

Florian Reichert Arc’teryx copyright Ian Corless

Arc’teryx athlete Florian Reichert is new to Skyrunning. Zegama will be his first experience of mountains, mud and potential mayhem at this classic event in Spain. Coming from a track and road background he has some impressive times; 1:09:30 for a half marathon and 2:26:14 for the marathon distance.

If Florian can bring that speed to a Skyrunning race he will without doubt be a force to be reckoned with. However, Zegama for sure will be a learning curve with its unpredictable terrain, high mountains and inclement weather.

YouTube HERE