Transvulcania Vertical Kilometer® – Skyrunner® World Series

Vertical Kilometer, Transvulcania La Palma, ≠©

Vertical Kilometer, Transvulcania La Palma, ≠©

From sea to sky, 1,000 metres high, the 2014 Skyrunner® World Series kicks off with a cracking new race on the magical island of La Palma, Spain. Transvulcania, renowned for the Ultramarathon, launches the Transvulcania Vertical Kilometer® on May 8. Starting at sea level, it ascends the steepest, most technical section of the Ultra and offers incredible views of the Atlantic coast – for those with the courage to look down.

Vertical Kilometer, Transvulcania La Palma ©

Vertical Kilometer, Transvulcania La Palma ©

The course was designed to complement the SWS Transvulcania Ultramarathon (May 10) and the half and marathon distances.  From the black Tazacorte beach, the 6.6 km single track course ascends the imposing cliff face with a 40% incline before settling into a “flatter” final section to finish at 1,160m altitude.  The overall incline averages 30%.

The upper section of the course follows an ancient goat-herders’ path and finishes at the El Time antenna, (the last aid station of the Ultra), rewarding runners with incomparable views of the Aridane Valley and the ocean in the distance.



With the world’s top vertical specialists leading the way, entries open on Saturday, February 1st, limited to 200 places.  Not for the faint-hearted, as the race slogan says, “Get ready to meet your fate”!

See here for entry and race information.

2014 Skyrunner® World Series

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ROCKTAPE sponsor Skyrunning UK



Skyrunning UK is pleased to announce that ROCKTAPE will be the first sponsor to support the Skyrunner® Series UK.

LOGO white

Just like all our participants in the Skyrunner® Series UK, the ROCKTAPE team are avid athletes.  ROCKTAPE already supports various UK based events and athletes in a variety of sports; notably Ultra runner and Lakeland 100 winner Terry Conway and Salomon International athlete, Anna Frost.





No matter how carefully we prepare and train, injuries happen and unfortunately they can happen on a frequent basis, especially when pushing at the limits.  ROCKTAPE is not just for the injured athlete, it can also be used to help delay fatigue and improve posture/running form.

Rocktape logo2

Today, ‘Kinesiology Tape’ is widely used throughout the world to treat injuries and pain. ROCKTAPE is the only tape specifically engineered to meet the demands of elite athletes. Why is it unique? Stick and Stretch.  Its unique glue means that unlike many other tapes ROCKTAPE stays on the skin come hell or high water. ROCKTAPE stretches twice as much as most kinesiology tape and is engineered to mimic human skin. The ‘stretch’ is the secret behind ROCKTAPE!


How does it work? When applied properly, ROCKTAPE lifts the skin away from the muscle, which promotes positive changes in the body’s fluid, mechanical and neurological systems. Commonly people wearing Rocktape report less pain, swelling and tightness, greater awareness of the area and later onset of fatigue.

Paul Coker, Medical Director, Rocktape UK explains, “We are really pleased to be able to support the Skyrunner® UK series in its inaugural year, we hope it’s the beginning of a long term-relationship. ROCKTAPE offers lots of great benefits to runners, this partnership is a perfect way to showcase our product and increase awareness of ROCKTAPE amongst the trail and ultra running community.  As a very enthusiastic but distinctly average runner myself its also a great reason to be at Sky races and witness some of the worlds best athletes run.”

Skyrunning UK is well aware of the benefits that may be obtained both pre-exercise, during exercise and post exercise from ROCKTAPE.

“We strongly believe that our partnership is a great step forward not only for the Skyrunner® Series UK but also all our athletes who will perform in our series” explains Ian Corless, Director of Skyrunning UK “Paul and myself have had plenty of communication over the past 2-years. I have used ROCKTAPE to help recover from injuries and I have also used products in training to prevent onward injuries. I fully understand and believe in the product. It’s great to have a sponsor on board that will directly benefit every participant in a Skyrunner® Series UK event. Why is this? Well, ROCKTAPE will be present at our events and provide on hand advice, show taping techniques and directly get involved with each and every runner. It’s a really exciting prospect.” 



The 2014 Skyrunner® Series UK is developing each and every day. Skyrunning UK has already announced two ULTRA events, the V3K in Wales for June and the 3×3 in the Lakes for October. With the imminent announcement of new events to the 2014 calendar and the sponsorship of ROCKTAPE the Skyrunner® Series UK is already proving to be one of the most exciting race series prospects for those who love to run over technical and demanding terrain with plenty of vertical gain within the UK.

Less cloud. More sky!


Skyrunning UK website –


V3K Race Website –

3×3 Ultra Website –

Like the Wind – A new magazine about running is launched

Like The Wind

Like the Wind, launching on 5 February 2014, is a new running magazine presenting stories about running. 

The magazine is a collection of stories about running, brought together to inspire, motivate and delight. The stories, told through words and images, have come from the widest possible range of runners and are about every different type of running, from track sprinting to ultra trail running to road racing.

The first issue of Like the Wind has only been possible thanks to the generous contributions of the writers, photographers, illustrators, designers and our sub-editor, all of whom have given their time and effort for free. This has meant that the proceeds from the magazine, after the bills have been paid, can be donated to charities nominated by the contributors.

Like the Wind magazine is currently on sale online, either as a stand-alone copy or as a package including an exclusive print or postcards:  HERE

We look forward to as many people as possible spreading the word about the magazine: the more stories we have, the more we can share and sharing stories is the whole point of Like the Wind. You can get in touch with us about anything to do with the magazine or tell us your story (or just say hello) at:

  • @likethewindmag 

Would you like to win a copy of the magazine and possibly attend the launch party?

Simon & Julie have set up a link to a form where people can sign-up for the chance to win one of two launch prizes each of which will include an invitation for two to the launch party on 5 February at Corbet Place in central London and one copy of the magazine. The link that people need to click on to enter is this: HERE

I personally am very excited about this project and of course I have been extremely happy to contribute. Simon and Julie have very kindly provided a couple of spreads of my work to give you an insight into the magazine.

Hope you all enjoy it!

© ©likethewind

© ©likethewind

© ©likethewind

© ©likethewind

The Coastal Challenge, Costa Rica celebrates its 10th anniversary with an incredible line up.

TCC Banner

The 2014 edition of The Coastal Challenge, Costa Rica gets underway in less than 1-week. Runners from all over the world will arrive in San Jose in preparation for the journey down to the coast to Quepos and the 10th edition of the “TCC”.

“It’s a decade of exploring, adventuring and discovering Costa Rica and the beginning of a bright new decade to come!” Rodrigo Carazo

Rodrigo Carazo (Costa Rican architect and adventure racer) and Tim Holmstrom (race director and Lost Worlds Racing founder) have pulled together an incredible field for the race and without doubt it will arguably be one of the most competitive multi-day races of 2014.

“Reaching the 10th edition is a milestone that is both humbling and gratifying. It is a privilege and not to one to be taken lightly.  It represents a massive amount of work over those 10-years by all those involved.  As it transformed from concept to a fully realized dream, we had no idea it might weather all storms and remain 10-years later as a race that could attract runners from all over the world.  We are happy and grateful to have made it this far, accomplishing much with little more than hard work, persistence and vision. We look forward to many more years to come and making many more new friends from around the globe.” Tim Holmstrom

Elite runners will toe the line in Quepos with everyday runners, they will all have one purpose in mind, to embrace the tough and technical challenge that lies ahead of them and enjoy every moment. For many, to be on the start is already a victory; the journey will provide the icing on the cake.

Steve Diederich ( the UK agent for the TCC had this to say, “The Coastal Challenge has come of age and has joined the exclusive club of iconic multi-day ultras – with the added twist of a backdrop of some of the most breathtaking rainforest and coast on the planet and accompanied with now legendary catering that outclasses any other event. The TCC in 2014 is a vintage race in the making.”

Known locally as the Rainforest Run, the TCC is a 236km stage race over 6-days that weaves in and out of a lush and tropical Pacific coastline. The Talamancas – a coastal mountain range spread across the southwest corner of the country – provides not only a stunning backdrop but also many of the tough and technical challenges that the runners will face on a day-to-day basis.

Beaches that last km after km are interspersed with dirt tracks, mountain paths, dense jungle, ridges, water crossings, open plains and highland; Costa Rica is bursting with variety. In addition, add 40deg temperatures and high humidity, the TCC is no easy challenge.

Unlike other multi day races, the TCC is supported. Each day camp is moved ahead and awaits the runner’s arrival at the finish. Running light and fast, runners are able to keep equipment to a minimum and as such, racing is extremely competitive. The 2014 edition of the race is proving to be extremely exciting, particularly when one looks at the line up of runners.

Gemma Slaughter ©

Gemma Slaughter ©

Gemma Slaughter from Canada is returning as defending champion of the race. By her own admission she is a newbie to ultra running. One year on, Gemma has embraced the challenge to return to coastline of Costa Rica for what she calls, “the opportunity of a lifetime”. However, Gemma will have her hands full. Julia Bottger (Germany), Anna Frost (New Zealand) and Jo Meek will create a stunning spectacle and highly competitive race. To put this in perspective, we only need to look at some of the career highlights of these incredible ladies:

Julia Bottger ©

Julia Bottger ©

Julia Bottger

Julia is a strong and fierce runner. By her own admissions, she may not be the fastest runner on a course but she brings great strength, endurance and grit. Julia loves tough and challenging courses, without doubt she will embrace the TCC. Career highlights: TranMatinique winner 2013, Ultra Trail Atlas Tarabouki winner 2013, 2nd Sardona Ultra Trail 2013, 2nd Grand Raid des Pyrenees 2013 and in addition to these incredible results, Julia has placed 2nd at the super tough Tor des Geants in 2010 and placed 3rd at Diagonale des Fous in 2012.

“My training is going very well. As our winter is not really a winter this year I could run a lot in the mountains and do some cross training. But I noticed that my winter break was a bit too short. Last race in Martinique is not long ago. As well as I would like to focus on the Transgrancanaria race in march I have a bit of a problem on what kind of training to focus on.. But I feel great and healthy – that’s the best. I am really looking forward to the warm temperatures, beaches, new country and new people. And I am excited about doing a stage race again – has been a while. It is different from Ultratrails and very challenging. I love sleeping in a tent, having a very simple life out in the nature – so the Costa Rica Coast Challenge sounds like great fun.”

Anna Frost ©

Anna Frost ©

Anna Frost

Anna has had a tough 2013 fighting recurring injuries but the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 has allowed Anna to find a great place, not only physically but mentally. It’s going to be a pleasure to have ‘Frosty’ on the trails of Costa Rica. Career highlights:  Transvulcania La Palma winner and course record holder 2012, winner Speedgoat 50k 2012, winner La Maxi Race du Lac d’Annecy 2012 and 2nd Cavalls del Vent 2012.

“I am just super excited to be in a new and wonderfully exciting place – Costa Rica – with new and old friends. got my bikini and snorkel packed, oh and I guess some running gear would be good too!

Jo Meek ©

Jo Meek ©

Jo Meek 

Jo Meek comes to the TCC as a relatively unknown runner, however, a stunning and strong performance at MDS in 2013 confirms that Jo will be pushing hard at this race and for me, she is a hot favourite for victory! Career highlight: 2nd overall 2013 Marathon des Sables.

“I am busy packing my bag ready for this amazing experience that lies ahead of me. I am a little nervous because I want to race the best I can but more excited than anything else. As I reflect back on my training I  am pleased. It has gone really well and because of it I qualified to represent my County (Devon) and then the South West Region which was a privilege with these ageing pins of mine.”

On a final note, we have just had news that Veronica Bravo (Chile) will attend the race. This adds a new and exciting element. Veronica is famous or should I say infamous for suffering frostbite in 2006 and then returning to running after fourteen operations. After 19-months of recuperation she returned to racing.

The men’s race is looking to be a classic in the making, defending champion and multiple TCC winner Dave James is not returning to Costa Rica, this therefore leads the door open for not only a new winner of the TCC but maybe a course record… who knows.

Philipp Reiter (Germany), Nick Clark (UK), Martin Gaffuri (France), Mike Wardian (USA), Carlos Sa (Portugal) and Vicente Juan Garcia Beneito (Spain)

It’s a top quality field!

Philipp Reiter ©

Philipp Reiter ©

Philipp Reiter 

Philipp is an incredible talent. His growth in the professional ranks for such a young age has had many look twice and draw comparisons with his Salomon teammate, Kilian Journey. Philipp races hard but knows how to relax and enjoy the experience too. Costa Rica is going to be a dream come true for young German. Career highlights: Winner Salomon 4-trails, multiple winner of Zugspitz, winner of the TransAlpine and many more.

“I am very excited – in exactly ONE week I am sitting in the plane to central America! This year the winter here in Bavaria (south Germany) is unusual warm and almost no snow, which is very bad for skiing but good for trail running. As I usually barely run in winter time (1-2 times a month) I have done more km’s than the years before and it feels much better (if my feeling is right). I am worried about the climate change and the jet-lag of the long travel (27 hours from door to door) as I have only ONE day to make my body adapt to the 30°C and the high humidity. But I am so looking forward to explore jungle trails, see the beauty of the rainforest and to get to know new runners from all over the world! The tropical plants and wildlife is said to be unique, no need to mention the beaches of the Pacific ocean. Another thing I am afraid are snakes (brrrr) and I don’t hope to see any of them.”

Nick Clark ©

Nick Clark ©

Nick Clark 

‘Clarky’ comes to Costa Rica and the TCC as one of the most respected 100-mile runners in the world. His 2013 performance in the Grand Slam of ultra running (4 100-mile races) was nothing short of spectacular. His consistent performance at Western States 100, Hardrock 100 and other tough and challenging events places him at the ‘to-watch’ list irrespective of the race or the distance. TCC will be no different. Career highlights: Wasatch 100 winner, 2nd Leadville 100, 3rd Vermont 100, 1st Fuego Y Agua and that is just 2013

“I am very much in base-building mode for the summer season right now, and really only starting get back after it in late December after a long break post Grand Slam. That said, I have been trying to put together a few longer back-to-back runs the past few weeks to try and replicate a bit the daily grind of a stage race. Other than that I’ve been logging lots of easy paced mileage with a focus on vertical gain. I feel like I’m in decent shape, if not particularly sharp, which should be just fine for a longer stage race like the Coastal Challenge.”

Martin Gaffuri ©

Martin Gaffuri ©

Martin Gaffuri 

Martin had a breakthrough in 2013 participating on the ISF Skyrunner® World Series. Without doubt, Martin will add a surprise element to the racing and who knows, he may just turn a few heads. Career highlights: 7th Ice Trail Tarentaise, 8th UROC, 13th TNF50 and 21st Transvulcania La Palma

“So, one week to go… training only just started again after a 3 weeks break in December and all my long runs have been performed in the snow. I’m just coming home from a night out so at this very moment I’m feeling pretty… drunk. I’m most looking forward to catching up with good friends and make new ones and I’d say my only concern about this week will be to deal with mosquitos!”

Mike Wardian ©

Mike Wardian ©

Mike Wardian

What can you say about ‘Wardian. He is a prolific runner from anything from a 5k to the 135m Badwater Marathon. He is unstoppable; racing week in and week out he will often race 2-3 times a week. He has speed and endurance and in addition knows how to race over multiple days as he showed by placing 2nd overall in a previous edition of the Marathon des Sables. Career highlights: 3rd JFK50 2013, 2nd UROC 2011, 2nd IAU 100km 2011, 3rd Badwater, 11th Comrades and 3rd Marathon Des Sables plus many, many, more.

I am most looking forward to pushing my body for a week straight and to see how it does with the terrain, heat, climbs, descents, and for course the recovery…that is always interesting me.  I am also looking forward to exploring the countryside, mountains and Rain forests of Costa Rica, I have been to Costa Rica a few times but never for very long and each time I go I know I am missing a lot so this time I hope to get an even fuller and more robust experience.”

Carlos Sa ©

Carlos Sa ©

Carlos Sa

Started running ultras in 2008. In a relatively short period of time, Carlos has established himself not only as one of the top multi-day racers in the world but also as great runner in the mountains. Repeated top-10 performances at Marathon des Sables and TNFUTMB will without doubt mean that his presence will be felt a the front of the 2014 TCC. Career highlights: 4th UTMB 2012, 5th UTMB 2011, 8th Marathon des Sables 2011 and 1st Grand Raid des Pyrenees.

“I haven’t done any special preparation for the TCC. I am currently doing my normal day-to-day training for a mountain race. My objective is to enjoy this hard race, and have an adventure in a different environment. I have been told Costa Rica is unique. I would like to be in the first 5, but we shall see, I have not run any race since the last UTMB and I’m far away from my optimum capacity.”

Vicente Juan Garcia Beneito ©

Vicente Juan Garcia Beneito ©

Vicente Juan Garcia Beneito

Vicente may well not be a runner you know… however, you should! Coming into the TCC he is arguably the most prolific and successful multi-day racer around. Just recently he was the winner of the Grand To Grand Ultra in Utah and winner of Ultra India Race 2014. He has raced in Chile before and I can’t help but think he will make his presence felt each day as the racing unfolds at the 10th edition of The Coastal Challenge. Career highlights: Winner of the 4 Desert Races in 2012 – Atacama (CETRhile), Gobi (China), Sahara (Egypt) and Antartica. NB* Ryan Sandes is the only other under to achieve this but Vicente is the only person to do this in one year!

The stage is set for the 2014 The Coastal Challenge. The action starts on Sunday February 2nd and culminates at the incredible Drakes Bay 6-days later.

Daily updates will be available on via website and on twitter @talkultra

In addition, the TCC Facebook page HERE will have updates.

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Marmot Dark Mountains 2014 Results & Images


The 2014 Marmot Dark Mountains was a resounding success and in contrast to the 2013 event, weather conditions were extremely kind on all entrants… well, at least all those who finished before 7am.

As predicted, the weather took a very serious turn for the worse as dawn arrived with increasing winds and torrential rain. It really did turn into a tough test for the final 20 or so teams who were still out on the course. However, a warm leisure centre awaited and a breakfast fit for a king.

Marmot Dark Mountain - FINAL (BLACK)

Shane Ohly and the Ourea Events Team really did put on a great event with excellent support. Nothing was left to chance. As we all know, an event of this nature is not for the inexperienced.

A night in the Peak District with only a map, head torch and all essential equipment (as required for safety) plus your running partner for company is a test you either embrace or shy away from.


Departing from Glossop at timed intervals starting at 1900hrs on Saturday, competitors ventured out into the dark. Maps were checked, bearings taken and then a plan was formulated. Experience really showed in the first 5-minutes of the race. Some runners required several minutes of map checking before departing whereas experienced runners like eventual elite category winners, Steve Birkinshaw and Tom Gibbs received a map and immediately ran whilst taking bearings and making navigation decisions whilst covering ground.



Conditions during the night on the whole were extremely favourable. It was dry and temperatures, particularly if running, were mild. Of course the wind did blow on the tops and occasionally mist and fog would move in and out making navigation difficult. A couple of teams did struggle with this and were forced to retire.

The ground was very wet from months of rain and certain sections of the Peak District had been blocked off to ensure safety.

Headlights appeared all over the mountains as different teams navigated different routes to maximise time. One thing remained a constant; as I encountered runners on the course, a smile and welcome greeting was always returned.


A midpoint checkpoint proved to be a great central hub to see runners depart and arrive. A glowing Marmot tent providing protection for the marshall team and of course providing an additional safety shelter should runners need it.


As the event unfolded, pre race favourites in the elite race, Steve Birkinshaw/ Tom Gibb took a very early lead and never really looked  back. Bruce Duncan/ Lucy Harris pushed them close in the early stages but as the race progressed the gap opened.


Over the other categories:

Catherine and Ross Litherland took a convincing victory in the A category in 11:30:01

Matt Harris and James Stokes won the B category by around 18-mins in 12:43:34

Louis and Bertie Goffe won the C category by over 30-mins in 6:37:02

Ben Stansfield and Pat Bartlett won the Long Score with 345 points in 9:44:47

Joe Gillyon and Catherine Evans won the Short Score with 185 points in 7:37:24

Full results available HERE

©© 2014 Marmot Dark Mountains was without doubt a great success. Marmot and SilvaUK added to the whole experience and without doubt a huge thanks was passed on to all the marshals who ensured safety for all throughout the night.

You can receive additional information from the race website HERE

Photography of the race is available HERE

Everest Trail Race – Trail Magazin Germany

Trail Magazin_ETR_Sp1Trail Magazin Germany has a fantastic 6-page spread on the Everest Trail Race using my words and photography.

The ETR really is an iconic and wonderful race. The article also includes writing by Andreas & Kathrin Shambeck on their personal experiences of the race.

You can download the magazine on PDF HERE


Episode 53 – Pavel Paloncy, Marcus Scotney, Johan Van De Merwe


Episode 53 of Talk Ultra is once again a packed show… We have two interviews from the Montane Spine race, regarded as one of the toughest races out there. We speak with Pavel Paloncy who won the 268-mile event with a new course record and Marcus Scotney who won the 106-mile Challenger event. We also speak with South African long distance runner, Johan Van De Merwe about ultra running in South Africa and his new African 24-hour record. The News, a Blog, Talk Training, Up & Coming Races, Smiles and Miles and Speedgoat is back from the Love Boat!

The Spine
  1. Pavel Paloncy 110h 45min (4.5 days)
  2. Steve Holyoak 119h 26m
  3. Matt Davis 119h 28m
  1. Debbie Brupacher 153h 24min
Hurt 100
  1. Gary Robbins does it again… 21:34:00
  2. Timo Meyer 22:34:00
  3. Alex Nuun 22:50:00
  1. Gina Slaby 27:06:00
  2. Candice Burt 27:58:00
  3. Heather Anderson 29:22:00
I caught up with 106-mile Challenger Winner, Marcus Scotney about his win.
Sage Canaday 2:22 marathon
  1. Tirtha Bahadur Tamang 10:02 – Ryan Sandes still holds the CR
  2. Bed Bahadur Sunuwar 10:06:37
  3. Vlad Ixel 10:11:53
  1. Francesca Canepa 12:59:19
  2. Chow Pui Yan 13:32:48
  3. Agnes Cheng 13:46:36
Notables, Lizzy Hawker dropped. What happened to Cassie Scallon. Dave Mackey was doing well but faded at the end. Jez Bragg 10th. Great performances by Australian and NZ runners.
Bandera 100k
  1. Jorge Maravilla 8:02:27
  2. David Laney 8:07:06
  3. Chikara Omine 8:16:42
  1. Meghan Arbogast 10:12:57
  2. Liza Howard 10:39:00
  3. Melanie Peters 11:00:44
Rocky Raccoon coming up
I’m going to Costa Rica for the TCC with an incredible race field: Frosty, Jo Meek, Julia Bottger, Clarky, Wardian, Reiter, Martin Gaffuri and Carlos Sa – going to be pretty awesome!
Ellie Greenwood, Patience Part Two on iRunFar –
“A quick summary of the last eight months would be: start getting pain in fibula, cut back running, pain continues, find out I have a stress fracture, stop running entirely for seven weeks, start running and gradually build up from 10 minutes to a marathon in 2.5 months, get new injury, cut back running, pain still there, stop running entirely for four weeks, build up slowly starting with a run/walk program at end of November. Yeah, this is a whole new level of patience.”
Niandi Carmont and myself caught up with South African distance runner, Johan Van De Merwe and we discussed SA running, Comrades and his record breaking 24-hour run that broke a long standing Wally Haywood record.
Pavel Paloncy set a new course record for the 268-mile Montane Spine Race. I caught up with him just a few days after the event when he had returned home to the Czech Republic, Website HERE


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Yorkshire Ultra – 50 Miles | 50 miles | January 25, 2014 | website


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Keep on Truckin’ Trail 50K Ultra | 50 kilometers | February 02, 2014 | website

Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile | 100 miles | February 01, 2014 | website

Rocky Raccoon 50 Mile | 50 miles | February 01, 2014 | website


Snowshoe Festival 50K | 50 kilometers | January 24, 2014 | website


Lake Youngs NUTS 50K Run | 50 kilometers | January 25, 2014 | website

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Virgin Islands (USA)

St. Croix Scenic 50 | 50 miles | January 26, 2014 | website

Skyrunner® Spain & Andorra Series announced


After France, USA, South Africa, UK and Italy, Spain and Andorra join forces to present an imposing calendar for the Skyrunner® National Series launched today which count some of the best and most popular races on the international stage. Ultras include the Transvulcania Ultramarathon, the 112 km Mitic in Andorra and the new Ultra Pirineu (formerly Cavalls del Vent). Zegama-Aizkorri in the Sky Series and the Cara Amón Vertical KM feature in an important and exciting fifteen-race calendar.

 All the races echo the Skyrunning credo where altitude reigns, the courses are steep and demanding and excitement runs high. The Sky Series takes place entirely in “Mountain Parks” a seal of quality for the protection of the environment.

The races in the Spain & Andorra National Series are:


  • Cara Amón
  • Transvulcania Vertical Kilometer
  • Nit Pirineu
  • and Sitja del Llop


  • Marató Montserrat
  • Zegama-Aizkorri Marathon
  • SkyRace Vallibierna
  • SkyRace Comapedrosa
  • Marató Pirineu
  • and Montseny Marathon; and in the


  • Transvulcania Ultramarathon
  • Ultra del Montseny
  • Ultra Mitic Andorra
  • and Ultra Pirineu (formerly Cavalls del Vent)

The winners of each National Skyrunner Series in the three disciplines will be awarded travel, free entry and accommodation to the first races on the 2015 Skyrunner® World Series calendar.


The much anticipated Series offers the best of Skyrunning in two countries that have a long tradition of high-profile international races and have provided many of the world’s best athletes and champions:

Kilian Jornet, Luis Alberto Hernando, Tofol Castanyer, Agusti Roc, Miguel Heras, Iker Karrera from Spain, the Texeido and Casal Mir brothers from Andorra and, among the ladies, Nuria Picas, Oihana Kortazar, Nuria Dominguez, Nerea Martinez, Emma Roca, Uzue Fraile, Laura Orgue… to name but a few.


The National Series is managed by Ocisport, long-time partner of the ISF responsible for the 2006 and 2012 SkyGames® in Andorra and central to the foundation of the Skyrunner® World Series in 2003. The Series is supported by FEDME (Spanish Federation for Mountain and Climbing Sports) and FAM (Andorran Mountaineering Federation), ISF Member nations.

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Skyrunner® National Series

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Marmot Dark Mountains™ – 2014 Race Preview

Marmot Dark Mountain - FINAL (BLACK)This weekend will see the second Marmot Dark Mountains™ take place in the Peak District. “The Peak District has the perfect blend of high moorland areas, challenging terrain and a wonderful sense of wilderness… especially at night.”

Taking the classic two-day mountain marathon format, Shane Ohly (RD) and Ourea Team have given the race format a new… darker twist. The Marmot Dark Mountains™ will pack everything into one night. Derbyshire in January can only mean one thing… cold and potentially wet. Current weather forecasts are showing at best an 80% chance of rain, wind speeds of 17-22mph and lows of 2degs. Navigation is only going to be one element of this race!



Based on the classic mountain marathon format, competitors will compete in 2-man teams in categories Short/ Long Score, A, B, C and Elite. The nature of the terrain would normally dictate the distance of each course and the Ourea Team are sticking with this format and planning with a certain winning time in mind.

The addition of darkness, potentially bad weather and navigation will all make Marmot Dark Mountains™ a tough challenge.



“The knowledge gained from the first event shows that with experienced and vetted competitors, you can run an event in atrocious weather and allow the competitors to make decisions about their own safety.”

Although the winning time for the chosen race class will be similar to a normal mountain marathon, the distance covered will be reduced.

Departing from Glossop (Peak District) on Saturday evening, the longest classes will set off first and conversely; the shorter classes will set off later. This dusk-to-dawn style of racing will look to have all competitors finishing in a 1 to 2-hour window come Sunday morning. The break of dawn as runners converge on the finish line will without doubt make this an exciting finale to a long nights racing.

Marmot Dark Mountains™ is a challenging event, however courses will remaining open until 1200 on Sunday; this will allow sufficient time for everyone to complete their respective courses.


Shane Ohly when asked about the event and who would be the main protagonists had this to say, “My suspicion is that the elite race will be a battle royal between the duo of Steve Birkinshaw / Tom Gibbs and Chris Near / Tim Higginbottom. Both Steve and Tim are excellent navigators but with a 14-minute difference in their start times, I am hoping that they will remain in the ‘dark’ about each others positions until they have finished. I wouldn’t dismiss Simon Patton / Dave Troman either as both have intimate local knowledge and the darkness can be a great leveler of speed. Dark horses will be Jim Mann (recent winter BG record) / Stuart Walker – they are not renowned as a strong navigation team but they are fast.”


It goes without saying that there will a hearty breakfast and hot drinks available to everyone as they finish. Competitors may also sleep at the Event Centre, which is recommend, before travelling home.

Race sponsorship comes from Marmot, Silva and Trail Running Magazine.

Entrant Numbers (teams of 2):

  • Short score – 20
  • Long score – 15
  • C category – 15
  • B category – 7
  • A category – 7
  • Elite – 13


V3K joins the Skyrunner® Series UK – Skyrunning UK

Approaching Elidir Fawr Llewelyn in the background_Alogo

It’s no easy task… 15-peaks all over 900m (3000ft) in 55-km’s. This is the challenge that awaits those who are brave enough to join the journey of the Welsh 3000’s in the V3K Ultra; the new addition to the Skyrunning UK calendar and the Skyrunner® Series UK.

Skyrunning UK embraces tough and technical challenges; the V3K with over 4000m’s of vertical gain is exactly what a Skyrunning race in the UK should be. Where earth meets sky is our ethos and the Welsh 3000’s will provide this in abundance.

Across to Carnedd Dafydd_A

Kirsch Bowker, RD for the V3K explains, “It’s an incredible and exciting opportunity. I have followed Skyrunning for the last couple of years. The launch of the Skyrunner® Series UK is a significant moment and to be involved right from the start is quite incredible for us.”

This range of mountains provides an absolute classic point-to-point race, starting with Snowdon and finishing with Foel Fras, arguably the toughest section will be Crib Goch. The route will involve scrambling, hand-on-knees climbing and it certainly isn’t a route for those who may be scared of heights.

Ascent of PYOW_A

“The route has been my life, I have covered this route time and time again. I adore it,” said Bowker “The idea for the race has been a long-term project. I undertook this with two friends; unfortunately one of those friends has now passed away so this race is a tribute. I know the mountains personally.”

v3k 15

Iain Ridgway, an experienced International mountain fell and ultra runner had this to say, “Superb, it’s about time the Welsh 3000’s received some serious attention, this will generate more interest in a challenge to Colin Donnelly’s record (set in 1988), which is up there with the Bob Graham as one of the all time great UK mountain records. The route has it all from fast running to really technical rough terrain. It must rank as some of the most technical terrain covered by a UK mountain race.”

“The hardest section is down Crib y Ddysgl and then the ascent of Crib Goch and traverse of its pinnacles. That’s followed by almost 2500ft descent to Nant Peris and soon after a 3000ft ascent of Elidir which is a long drag,” Iain says with an obvious excitement about the route “later on you have a steep unrelenting 2000ft descent of Tryfan followed by an immediate re-ascent of 2000ft Pen Yr Ole Wen and then fast running over the Carneddau, so those who cope with those and have good legs from then on will do well.”


The 3VK is unique as a UK route because of its successive 2-3000ft ascents and descents (plus many smaller ones). It is going to test each and every participant.

Are you up to the challenge?

Join us on the start line of the V3K Ultra, June 28th, 2014. Enter HERE


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