inov-8 TRAILFLY ULTRA G300 MAX for Fell Running UK


A recent article on my website apparently was too professional with too many photos (I am a photographer) and I quoted the ‘attributes’ of the shoe as provided by the brand, inov-8, to make sure that I clearly explained the virtues of the shoe. This was not acceptable to some admins on the Fell Runner UK Facebook group. While I accept some may not wish to read a post/ article, many do and I have had countless messages of support not only for this review but all my reviews. To clarify, the TRAILFLY ULTRA G 300 MAX are…

not Walsh.

are green.

at £170 they are most certainly expensive.

big, heavy and lifeless shoes.

And my original post was not a ‘paid for’ review and it was not ‘advertising!’

I then went on to review the shoe and in summary, I say, “As I said at the beginning, I think this inov-8 shoe will be a Marmite offering. As someone who doesn’t like Marmite, you may well think I was destined not to like the TRAILFLY ULTRA G 300 MAX. That is not the case, I had a really open perspective and I do feel that inov-8 have made some interesting advances and used some unique thought processes in developing the max concept to a new and interesting level. Particularly with the Adapter-Flex. The upper, lacing and foot hold is excellent and arguably a highlight of the shoe.”

I then go on to say, “…the TRAILFLY ULTRA G 300 MAX is too much cushioning (too much stack height) and unfortunately, they are too heavy. The expected bounce and flexibility I had hoped for is missing, and I wanted that!”

My business is photography/ writing and all things running. What I do on this website is an extension of my business and with the exception of my race coverage, magazine work and photo assignments, the work on here is done for free and I compensate for that in a very small way by offering the option to contribute to my work via Patreon. All reviews are non-commercial and are not paid for. However, 98% of the time, I do receive the products for free. Occasionally I do purchase the odd item for review if I feel it is something I am excited about. I love the sport and I love testing kit, reviewing it and photographing it, because for me, this is fun too. I have always said, when you love your job, you never work, that is me and what I do…

And yes, if you’d like to read my impartial review, in-depth of the the TRAILFLY ULTRA G 300 MAX you can do so HERE.