Multi-Day Coaching


Multi-Day racing and adventures are on the increase. It’s actually my favourite way to run as you always have an adventure.

Marathon des Sables (MDS), The Coastal Challenge (TCC), Everest Trail Race (ETR) or The Dragons Back, whatever the adventure, I can help you.


Through experience, I can help you fine hone your equipment to get the lightest set-up possible without losing comfort.

I create a specific training plan geared to you, your needs, your available time and always with the end goal in mind. Broken down in to weekly blocks of 4, your training plan is a bespoke and ever changing. As you progress, the training plan progresses.

The iconic Marathon des Sables, in 2020, the race was 35-years old. It is, ‘the’ ultimate multi-day race and the one that sets the template for all others. I have worked on the race, every year since 2013 as official photographer and media. Through my close interaction with the runners, my own experience as a runner, I have helped coach 100’s to a successful finish at MDS and in the process, I have helped many at TCC and ETR.

If you’d like a bespoke training plan to help you prepare for MDS or another multi-day race, please get in contact.

A minimum coaching term is 16-weeks and ideally, for multi-day, a 6-month block is preferable, however, this does depend on experience.


In addition to one-to-one coaching, I provide a Multi-Day Training Camp every January on the island of Lanzarote. It is the perfect place to join like-minded people for 7-days of specific training, talks and advice. Join 2x MDS champion, Elisabet Barnes and ultra-distance expert, Sondre Amdahl and the Ice Ultra champion, Abelone Lyng. Information HERE.

Interested in coaching or the training camp?