Multi-Day Training Plans : 12-Week and 24-Week

Do you need a Multi-Day Training Plan for a multi-day adventure or a race like Marathon des Sables? The 12-week and 24-week Multi-Day Training Plans are designed to provide you with a structured weekly plan culminating in a multi-day race or adventure with self-sufficiency.

View a sample week HERE from the 12-week planPurchase HERE.
View a sample week HERE from the 24-week planPurchase HERE.

Training Plans are brought to you via the Final Surge platform.

Designed to be simple and easy to follow, the plans provide progressive stimulus with specific phases that are designed to simulate a multi-day. They combine:

  • Cross training.
  • Strength sessions – that can be done at home.
  • Faster (tempo/fartlek/speed) sessions.
  • Hill sessions.
  • Long sessions based around running, run/walk and walking.
Everest Trail Race, Nepal.

The plans assume you start with an already established fitness base and you are in good health. At a minimum, you should be running/ walking at least 3x per week to contemplate undertaking and starting the 24-week plan.

For the 12-week plan, you should have a good endurance base and this plan provides the finishing touches to a chosen goal.

Sample week on Final Surge.

The plans provide a template and framework – you must listen to your body, seek external professional help as and when required and importantly, rest with the same intensity at which you train.

Once a plan is purchased, you will have the opportunity to connect via email and ask any specific questions or seek any clarification. You will also be provided with links to specific material that will help you with your multi-day aspirations.

12- Week Plan Purchase HERE.

24-Week Plan Purchase HERE.

UPGRADE: If you require the 12/24-hour training plan to be bespoke and specific to your own fitness levels, targets and goals, you can upgrade the plan at anytime by contacting me via the contact form.

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