40 Marathons. 40 Days. No legs!



Why would anyone run a marathon a day from John O’Groats to Land’s End? The answer is simple – to prove that any barrier can be overcome. Richard Whitehead is living proof that having a disability shouldn’t stop anyone from achieving your goals. He is a strong believer in living a life without limits, what his life has been about is accepting who you are and making the most of it. Once you’ve done that, you can push the barriers as far as they’ll go.

Winning a Gold medal at the 2012 Paralympics in London was a stepping stone on this mission and the Run is the next stage for Richard. Hopefully he can pass on a message of hope through his dedication to sport and be an inspiration to all.

Richard’s inspiration is a man called Terry Fox. Terry was an amputee and sarcoma cancer sufferer who attempted to run the breadth of Canada before his death at the age of 22. Sadly he never completed his challenge. The idea of a run the length of Britain came from him and has been on Richard’s mind for about five years.



The run starts on August 13th and finishes around September 23rd – by which time Richard will have covered a staggering 977 miles (1572km



Richard’s aim is to raise £1million – So he is going to need your help!

You can fundraise in one of the following ways:

  1. Via a simple donation to myVirgin Moneygiving page
  2. By running with me for a section of the run (5k, 10k or a full marathon)
  3. Participate in the Nottingham 5k Family Fun Run
  4. Or, via a direct donation by cheque, credit card or bank transfer – please download this form for further information 
  5. If you would like to collect cash or monies directly from your sponsors, please use the attached sponsorship form.Please download this form for further information.

All this information is taken from Richard’s website – HERE

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