Richtersveld Transfrontier Wildrun 2016 – Stage Five (final day)


A relaxed day with a late start…. yes, everyone got to sleep in till at least 0630. It was important to maximise the amazing natural hot springs before the final chip to the /Ai-/Ais Hot Springs Resort.

After leaving camp, around the first bend, the runners found themselves climbing up a short cut, before turning a corner on a long stretch of the Fish River Canyon. An unsuspecting slot ravine swallowed everyone up from the river, taking them on an exploration to the east of the Fish River Canyon on well-worn game trails.


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Climbing to a high point before winding  back to cross the Fish River Canyon again. Running up another dry wash following Zebra trails to below a climb to the peak above the /Ai-/Ais Hot Springs Resort and a magnificent view over the mountain wilderness surrounds.


A technical descent brings the runners back to the Fish River and soon cheers bring everyone to the finish of the Richtersveld Transfrontier Wildrun®.


It may come as no surprise that the racing gloves were off today, it was a day to celebrate the stunning surroundings and to make sure that the memories created over the first four days, were well and truly cemented in the mind with a stunning fifth day.

©iancorless.com_Richtersveld2016_Day5-5545 ©iancorless.com_Richtersveld2016_Day5-5596

Despite starting last, Jo Williams, Tobias Mews and Dawid Kaswarie set a fast pace… maybe Dawid was looking to get back his 25 minute deficit on Tobias? Tobias was having none of it though, he trailed him and made sure he never got out of sight.


Linda Doke was back on her ‘A’ game, she liked the hills and technical trail and the last day of the 2016 Richtersveld Transfrontier Wildrun had plenty of both. On the final descent to camp, Linda could be heard whoop whooping!


After a very strong day 4, Elisabet Barnes kicked back today and enjoyed the surroundings and terrain, “my overall ranking is secure and I have no opportunity to gain time on Linda or Jo, so, it would be crazy to push and risk a fall on this technical terrain – it has been an amazing stage and an amazing race!”


Although we have a male and female winner in Tobias Mews and Jo Williams, the Richtersveld Transfrontier Wildrun has been so much more than a race, it has been an experience, an awakening  and for many, a once in a lifetime experience.


It has been a tough race; no doubt! But at all times it has been countered by great organisation, stunning overnight camps, incredible food and real sense of appreciation – an appreciation to be running in a very remote part of the world.

The Nama people also have been a great source of inspiration, without them, this race would not have been possible. Here are some of the faces that helped us in the Fish River Canyon.


From the crystal fields of Sendelingsdrif in South Africa to the infamous giant boulders of Tatasberg deep in the /Ai/Ais-Richtersveld Transfrontier Park; this unparalleled journey crossed the Orange River into Namibia and the wild lands of the Fish River Canyon.  It has been the running experience of a lifetime… the Richtersveld Transfrontier Wildrun®.


Full results will be added to this post in due course and they will also be available HERE on the official race website.


Entry for the 2017 event will open soon and spaces will be limited

The official race website is HERE

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