UT4M Ultra Tour Des 4 Massifs 2021 Preview

The 9th edition of the Ut4M (Ultra Tour Des 4 Massifs) will take place in July 2021, 15th – 18th after missing the 2020 edition due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Alpine Trail based in and around Grenoble, just 1-hour from Lyon has the tagline, ‘where the magic happens’ and no doubt there will plenty of magic as runners participate in one of the 13-races on offer over an incredible 4-days.

The main event is the 160km which has two options and in many ways, sets the stage for all the other events that take place, as the shorter event utilise sections of the 160km route.

As the name suggests, the 160km route takes in the complete Ultra Tour Des 4 Massifs either in one go, starting at 1600hrs on July 16th or over 4-days, starting at 0800 on July 15th. The remaining 3-stages utilise the same routes as the Ut4M 40 (4 days and 4 races) routes.

Also on offer Ut4M Master 100km, the Ut4M 80 Challenge, the Ut4M 20 challenge comprised of 4-races and finally, the Ut4M 10.


Ut4M 160 solo and 4-day challenge encompasses all that is on offer in the stunning area of France and provides a full 360 all encompassing experience. Departing from Seyssins and in the first section, Pic Saint Michel, Vif and Uriol will be experienced.

Connex is the start of the second massif and the Pas de la Vache is the highpoint of the whole route before Rioupéroux concludes this section.

Croix de Chamrousse in the heart of the Belledonne massif is welcomed in the third Massif, here, it is high mountain terrain with rocks, akes and snowfields. The Pra refuge will be expreinced and the Col du Loup at 2400m.

The final massif starts with the Manival, then the Faita pass followed by Chamechaude, the highest peak of the Chartreuse massif. Sappey-en-Chartreuse, Col de Vence, Mont Rachais and finally the Bastille before the arrival in Grenoble.

Ut4M Master is a classic 100 km long distance that encourages trail runners to t0 spend a night in the heart of the mountain! First, the Belledonne massif known for its steep trail and technicality. Then the Chartreuse massif with its dense forest that in bad weather will test everyone.

Ut4M 80 Challenge is a new challeneg that begins with the Vercors massif and a long climb towards Moucherotte and descent towards Lans-en-Vercors. Pas de la Vache and then a vertical kilometre climb will test all. The finish in the Chartreuse massif passing by the St-Eynard fort offers an exceptional night view of Grenoble and its metropolis.

Ut4M 40 Series breaks down the Ut4M 160 route to 4-stages that may be taken individually or, they make up the Ut4M 4-day challenge.

Ut4M 20 Series offers 4 races in the Vercors, Taillefer, Belledonne and Chartreuse – A perfect way to discover either part of a mountain range or a distance for novices in trail running. Each of these races allows different profiles: ascending or descending, day or night, rocky or single track.

Ut4M 10 starts and concludes in Grenoble. An event for anyone, young or old.


The Ut4m 160 covers 172km with 11330m of vertical gain. The 4-day races starts at 0800 on July 15th along with the Ut4M participants and then follows the daily timings of the Ut4M 40 races.

The Ut4m 160 solo event starts 16th July at 1600 hours.

The Ut4M Master has a total distance of 98.9km, 5930m of vertical ascent and starts July 17th at 6am.

The Ut4M 40 races start at 0800 15th July along with the Ut4M 160 4-stage race and then each day, 16, 17th and 18th at 0700. Distances are 42km per stage and ascent of 2700-3400m.

The Ut4M 20 series has 600 to 1900m per stage over 20kms and they start at 10am on the 15th, 0900 on the 16th, 1000 on the 17th and at midnight on the 18th.

The Ut4M 10 has 300m of ascent and depart July 17 at 1400 hrs.

Full details and information available HERE

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