Matterhorn Skyrunning Workshop, Cervinia, June 17-22, 2022.

William Boffelli and Franco Colle, Monte Rosa Skymarathon

This first ever workshop will immerse participants in a unique full-on skyrunning experience in an iconic location, Cervinia, just below the stunning Matterhorn (4478m).

Franco Collé in Sardinia

Hosted by Mr skyrunning, Marino Giacometti, the workshop will have Franco Collé and William Boffelli, two of the best skyrunner’s in the world. Collé and Boffelli teamed up for the iconic, ‘return to roots’ Monte Rosa Skymarathon which they dominated. Boffelli has gone on to win the event three times. Collé also set an FKT (fastest known time) to the summit of Monte Rosa from Gressoney.

Marino Giacometti – Fast and Light.

Also joining the party is the legend of skyrunning, Bruno Brunod. Brunod is ‘the’ original skyrunner, along with Giacometti, who paved the way for this iconic sport and inspired runners such as Marco De Gasperi, Kilian Jornet, Emelie Forsberg and so many more to follow in the footsteps of these pioneers who set the footprints to the summits all over the world… Footprints that many have followed in.

Brunod and Giacometti

On and around the Matterhorn, participants will get expert advice – at altitude, on steep uphillssnow, and even steeper descents. The use of polescrampons and harnesses will also be taught, this is a full-on, hands-on experience with the best coaches.

Marino Giacometti on his ‘home’ slopes.

Joining the camp will be yours truly, Ian Corless, capturing the action real-time, on the slopes, through the lens of his camera.

Ian Corless ‘working’ at the summit of Monte Rosa

On hand, will be Norwegian mountain runner, Abelone Lyng who will have raced at Livignio Skymarathon just days before and then will follow on with participation in Monte Rosa Skymarathon in Alagna.

Abelone in the final meters to the summit of Slogen, Norway.

The agenda includes outdoor runs on the original Vertical Kilometer® course from Cervinia up to the Oriondé Refuge at 2,802m and will touch on the Theodul Pass at 3,295m with spectacular views of the Matterhorn and across the glacier down to Zermatt.

Indoors, the workshop continues daily with lectures, presentations, videosand relaxing activities such as physiotherapy, yoga, a spa and appetising meals based on the local Aosta Valley cuisine in the host hotel, Les Neiges d’Antan.

The Matterhorn Skyrunning Workshop is an Israeli-Italian initiative, founded and managed by two passionate mountain runners, Yaniv Shoshan, Workshop director and Ludvico Bich, the hotel owner and a Cervinia native.

The initiative is also open to participants’ partners who may not be aspirant skyrunners, but who want to share this unique experience enjoying all the facilities, indoors and out.


Lauri van Houten and Marino Giacometti, Cervinia.

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