Episode 234 – Jasmin Paris and a #BM100 Special

Episode 234 of Talk Ultra is a #BM100 Barkley Marathon Special with an in-depth interview with Jasmin Paris.

The 2023 Barkley Marathon concluded with three finishers, Aurélien Sanchez completing 5-loops in 58:23:12, John Kelly in 58:42:23, and Karel Sabbe becoming the ‘slowest’ finisher in 59:53:33.

John Kelly is only the third person to complete the Barkley Marathon more than once, Jared Campbell who participated in the 2023 event (who did not finish) is a three-time finisher.

For the women, Jasmin Paris became only the second woman ever to start loop 4 and the first woman to complete loop-4, albeit out of time.

Jasmin at the 2025 Dragons Back Race which she won and placed 2nd overall.

On this weeks show, we speak in-depth about her past, her 2022 Barkley Marathon experience and of course, her 2023 record breaking run.

The interview with Jasmin starts at 00:16:30

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