Ultra Trail 26 – Montane

We are excited to announce the Montane UltraTrail26 series coming soon to a venue near you. Dates are November 18th 2012, with events to follow March 24th 2013 and May 26th 2013 and the series will take place across the North of England. The 26 mile trail events are designed to provide the perfect opportunity for runners to step up to longer trail distance events and provide great training opportunities for the Montane Lakeland 50 and 100 mile events.



The opening event of the UltraTrail26 series takes place from Grizedale Forest Visitor Centre, close to Hawkshead in the Lake District. Grizedale is a popular location for both trail runners and mountain bikers, due to the varied trails and great scenery throughout the forest.

The route will largely take place on forest trails with some minor sections of road to link the trails together. It offers great views of both Coniston Water and Lake Windermere. If you think the route will be flat.. think again. Grizedale Forest and surrounding areas provide challenging hills and rolling trails throughout the route. This course is a great opener.



Event 2 of the UltraTrail26 series moves to Rivington, Lancashire. The event starts and finishes at Rivington High School and takes place on a variety of track and trails. The Lancashire moorland includes landmarks such as Great Hill, Rivington Pike and Darwen Tower and offers a variety of terrain and scenery.

Rivington is perhaps one of the less visited trail running areas in the North West, which is why, for event number 2, we chose to move away from Cumbria. The course is challenging, includes some hard climbing and moorland can be boggy underfoot. It’ll certainly be one to remember.



The final event of the UltraTrail26 series takes place in the Howgills, which are ‘just about’ on the Yorkshire side of the Yorkshire and Cumbria Border. The event starts and finishes at Sedbergh School, in the town of Sedbergh, gateway to the Howgills.

The Howgills offer amazing running terrain and are infrequently visited by tourists. The fact that the Howgills are a collection of large, grassy hills, make all the climbs runnable. The fact that many of the climbs are steep and persistent, outweigh the grassy surface underfoot. The views are stunning and the trail running even better. This is a great way to end the series.


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