El Pilar – La Palma


Days don’t get much better than our 7 hour jaunt in the mountains of the Cumbre Nueva on the island of La Palma yesterday.

Slowly but surely, Niandi and myself have now covered the whole route of the Transvulcania La Palma and what a route it is…. it so varied. Lava, dark black sand, rocks, pine forests, hard packed trail and so on. The course constantly changes beneath your feet and with it the weather too. One moment you can be in bright blue skies with mid 20 degree temperatures and then suddenly a bank of cloud engulfs you and the temperature drops.


Yesterday we started our day at El Pilar, arguably about a third of the way into the whole Transvulcania La Palma route. Our object was to continue up the course toward Roque de los Muchachos but stop at the point we had reached on a previous run. This was Pico de la Nieve on the rim of the Parque Nacional de la Caldera de Taburiente with Roque de los Muchachos in sight in a north west direction.

It was an incredible day on the mountain with terrain, views and weather constantly changing. We had the trails to ourselves only coming across three other people all day.


The running from El Pilar for approximately 8k was pretty easy and then the climbing begins once again and it is all about managing your effort as once again you head up well above 2000m. Both Niandi and myself felt pretty good. We are not worried about pace or constant running. We are on the mountain having fun… running when we can, jogging when we can’t run, hiking when we can’t jog and then crawling when required ;-).

My only issue yesterday was my knees. The long descent back to El Pilar took its toll in the final hours and I have to say that from hour 6 to 7 when we finished was a touch uncomfortable. So, it’s an easy morning today with some sightseeing and maybe a couple of hours on the trails later this afternoon to get our fix! We are here for another week after all….

Images from the day can be seen HERE

Here are a few highlights:










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