Kilian’s Test Results

Copyright Ian Corless

Copyright Ian Corless

I remember it well, two days before Cavalls del Vent in 2012 I was in the race hotel in Berga having dinner with Terry Conway, Emelie Forsberg and Philipp Retier.

Midway through the meal, Kilian Jornet joined us. Just the day before he had been in Barcelona for testing.

If you have seen the recent Summits of my Life movie, ‘A Fine LIne‘ you will see Kilian undertaking part of this test.

We discussed over food how this test had gone… Kilian seemed happy, he said that he had managed to last longer than previous tests. An improvement! You can see the results here:

Copyright Kilian Jornet/ Seb Montaz

Copyright Kilian Jornet/ Seb Montaz


Lung capacity: 5.3 L
VEMS: 4750
Tiffenneau: 88.28
PEFR: 10,63


weight: 58kg
hight: 171cm
% grass: 8,72
% muscle: 46,1
% bone: 21.01

Test bruce:

max: 12km/h – 24% inclination
sat o2: 94%
VO2 max: 90 l/min/kg
RR: 1.10
FC: 199 b/min
Lactate: 13 (5′) mM/L
recovery 1 min: 110p/min
recovery 3 min: 85 p/m
Anaerobic threshold: 95%

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