Everest Trail Race #ETR2014 Stage 1


Day 1 #ETR2014

The Everest Trail Race (ETR) 2014 started today at the stroke of 0900 in the small Nepalese town of Jiri.

Low mist but a relatively mild night afforded everyone a comfortable nights rest before the action started. The sound of horns and a local group of musicians enticed the runners on to the trails for what will be a life-changing journey.

The Himalayas are beyond beautiful and impressive… it’s almost difficult to find the words and although stage-1 for the ETR doesn’t reach the high mountains or break the tree line, the day is impressive non the less.

Phudorje Lama Sherpa set the early pace but was soon joined by fellow Nepal teammate, Samir Temsang. The two seemed to work together throughout the stage and slowly but surely they stretched the elastic over experienced Spanish ultra runner, Zigor Iturrieta. Temsang in the latter stages opened up a small lead and finished just ahead of Phudorje by 38-seconds. Zigor however was 26-minutes back after the challenging first day of just 21.5km and 3700m+/- of elevation.

Anna Comet started the ladies race from the front and looked impressive throughout the day. She continued to open up a convincing lead of British entrant, Kerry Sutton who finished just over 20-minutes back. 2013 second place, Yangdi Lama Sherpa finished 3rd a further 20-minutes behind Kerry.

It’s only day-1 and a very tough stage lies ahead for day with some tough climbing to the highest point of the race. The top-3 runners in both the ladies and men’s fields are only separated by 30-miutes so a tough day of running lies ahead.

Results top-3

  1. Samir Temsang 2:30:01
  2. Phudorje Lama Sherpa 2:30:39
  3. Zigor Iturrieta 2:56:46


  1. Anna Comet 3:16:16
  2. Kerry Sutton 3:36:35
  3. Yangdi Lama Sherpa 3:56:33



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