Win €250 COMPRESSPORT goodies!



With the imminent start of the 2015 and 30th edition of the Marathon des Sables (preview HERE), leading sport compression brand COMPRESSPORT are providing you all with the opportunity to win one full set of TRAIL clothing.

Male or female apparel is available, all products will be shipped directly from Compressport.

How do you win?

You need to answer the question below using the contact form on this website.

Deadline – April 10th for last entries.

Image ©compressport

Image ©compressport

The total value of products available is €250 and includes the following items

Trail Running shirt Black 02

                                                                Image ©compressport




TRAIL running shirt (male or female)

Trail Running Shorts black 02

                                                                Image ©compressport



TRAIL running short (male or female)

Compressport Paire US Black

                                                               Image ©compressport


Compression Calf

prs_v2_trail_ blackred_2

                                                              Image ©compressport


TRAIL sock

If you would like to win a full set of apparel as listed above.

Please answer the following question using the contact form below.

“Please predict the winning male OR the winning female of the 2015 (30th edition) of the Marathon des Sables.”

Entries will close on April 10th and no entries will be accepted after this date.

Please use the form below



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