Do you like it on your back? In your hand? Or around your waist?


With temperatures rising and longer lighter days for many of us in Europe and North America, we can hopefully all get out and run more. But as we all know, or maybe we don’t, we need to consider several things when running in the heat:

  • It’s harder
  • You sweat more
  • You need more fluid

We need to adapt. So what happens when the mercury rises?

Question, do you prefer it:

  •  On your back?
  •  In your hand?
  •  Around your waist?

Of course I am talking about your method of hydration.




1 thought on “Do you like it on your back? In your hand? Or around your waist?

  1. Reblogged this on My milestone ultra marathon journey and commented:
    Carrying water is one of my biggest concerns when it comes to stepping up to ultra distance. I normally go hand-held for distance up to marathon, but of course I will need more than 1 bottle on my ultra. Carrying more than 1 handheld will be a pain in the arse and completely impractical but waist packs and vests and I haven’t had much success together in the past. Probably because I am, as my dad so lovingly puts it, built like a gypsey’s whippet.

    Any other skinny runners have this concern or problem with race packs? What have you found that works well?

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