Nicky Spinks completes a double Bob Graham Round in record time

Joss Naylor and Nicky Spinks - image via inov-8 ©DarkPeakFellRunners

Joss Naylor and Nicky Spinks – image via inov-8 ©DarkPeakFellRunners

inov-8 ambassador Nicky Spinks, the inspirational cancer-survivor and fell runner, marked her 10 years post-diagnosis by becoming only the second person – and first woman – to complete a DOUBLE Bob Graham Round in a record time of 45 hours and 30 minutes

Starting at 00.01am on Saturday May 14, the 49-year-old farmer from Yorkshire started her 132-mile route across the Lake District’s highest fells in the hope to complete in under 48 hours.

A standard Bob Graham Round involves a 66-mile circuit of 42 summits including 27,000ft of elevation gain, to be completed in less than 24 hours. Nicky was the previous record holder for the Bob Graham Round – 18hrs 06mins completed in 2015. This record was recently recently broken by Jasmin Paris (read HERE) in 15:24.

Nicky managed to do all that twice; running 132 miles and visiting each summit two times on an epic run that involved 54,000ft of elevation gain. The only person to previously complete a Double Bob Graham Round in less than 48 hours was Roger Baumeister, who in 1979 clocked 46hrs 34mins.


Nicky still has the fastest women’s times for the equivalent 24-hour fell running challenges in Scotland (the Ramsay Round) and Wales (the Paddy Buckley Round).

In her blog, Nicky, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, said before the attempt:

“I hope to become the first woman to complete the Double Bob Graham Round in less than 48 hours, maybe even breaking Roger’s record time. The main aim, however, is to enjoy it and celebrate the fact that I am still here, living and running ten years after being diagnosed and treated for breast cancer.”

Well, Nicky did that and then some… it really is difficult to comprehend the mental and physical tenacity that is required for such a challenge.

Many congratulations Nicky – that is some record!

3 thoughts on “Nicky Spinks completes a double Bob Graham Round in record time

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  2. Some perspective for anyone not familiar with the Bob Graham round: Scott Jurek made it in just 16 minutes shy of the 24 hour cut-off on a standard BGR, and said afterwards that it was one of the hardest courses he’s ever run.

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