Vertical K Champs

Zemmer and Orgué Vertical Champs
Zemmer racing to victoryItaly’s Urban Zemmer triumphs in today’s Vertical Kilometer® Series final in Spain and adds the world champion title to his recent world record. Ladies’ race winner was Spain’s Blanca Maria Serranowhile Laura Orgué maintains the ranking leadership and the title.

Zemmer, fighting a virus, managed an excellent 35’46”, just 3’ more than his course record last year and well over his time set in Fully, Switzerland recently where he established the world record in 30’26” (over a shorter, artificial course).

Second was Slovenian Nejc Kuhar 35’56’’, third, Italian Marco Facchinelli, 36’47’’ and fourth, France’s Didier Zago in 37’49’’.

The women’s podium was all-Spanish:  Blanca Maria Serrano 44’33’’, Alba Xandri,  46’53’’, Vanesa Ortega 47’00’’
with Britain’s Tessa Hill fourth in 49’41’’.  Race favourite Silvia Leal was fifth – leaving Laura Orgué’s 2011 course record of 44’01” intact.


The Puig Campana

215 competitors scrambled up the rugged 3.65 km long course to the summit of the Puig Campana.  Towering 1,208m above the famous Costa Blanca, the steeper inclines reach 35.5% gradient.

Race results

Race website

Vertical Kilometer® Series Ranking


1. Urban Zemmer

2. Nejc Kuhar

3. Luis Alberto Hernando

4. Marco Facchinelli

5. Didier Zago



1. Laura Orgué

2. Silvia Leal

3. Blanca Maria Serrano

4. Zhanna Vokueva

5. Alba Zandri

With this final Skyrunner® World Series race, the 2012 season closes but stay with us for an overview of the year’s events and, above all, look out for the 2013 calendar out soon featuring all the best races…and some exciting surprises in store!

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