Dad, is this true?

The ‘Armstrong’ debate will run and run. I’m not going into the debate. The confessions and chat with Oprah have left me feeling sick. Never did I think his deception and nastiness ran so deep.

This is a guy that I looked up to, admired, followed and defended.

But in all the lies and deception, think of his poor kids.

” I told Luke, I said, ‘don’t defend me anymore,” Armstrong said, finally, after choking up while describing how he finally told his children that he had cheated during his cycling career.
He has five kids: a 13-year-old boy, 11-year-old twin girls, and another boy and girl under five years old. Armstrong said Luke, his eldest son, was, or is, usually harassed on social media and the Internet over their father’s steroid accusations.
“I knew I had to tell him. He never said ‘Dad, is this true?’ He trusted me!” It was when his son told him he was defending him that he knew he had to finally come clean. But they didn’t end up having the conversation until just over the holidays.
“‘Listen, there’s been a lot of questions about your dad, about my career, whether I doped or did not dope,'” he told them. “‘I’ve always denied that, and I’ve always been ruthless and defiant about that, you guys have seen that. It’s probably why you trusted me on it,’ which makes it even sicker…” he told Oprah.

It’s a sad time for all sports.

8 thoughts on “Dad, is this true?

  1. Not really a sad time for ALL sports Ian. Not even for cycling if we don’t keep going on about him. Let him stew now and move on to the good in the sport. Tour down under has just started. Allez Cav and Wiggo!

    • Yes. I guess you are right. Maybe I’m not clear… I’m 100% enthusiastic about sport, particularly ultra. I just think Lance achieved an all time low and his actions and lies impact on all sport. Onwards and upwards.

  2. Lance will be Lance. A cold and heartless person. It is sad for the sport but this is a lesson to be remembered. The sport of cycling will continue business as usual just like any other sports even with the bad taste Lance left for all his fans. The positive side of his coming out is that we now know that he doped and heard his confirmation. Now, it’s time to work towards a cleaner sport and fight the corruptions within the UCI organization.

    Judging from the interview he did with Oprah, Lance still wants to win. I didn’t believe for a sec that he is coming out clean for his children. Lance wants to compete again. In my opinion.

    If Lance is sincere, he will be calling Travis Tygart (USADA) and confess everything under oath, not on Oprah. OWN is a partner of Discovery Channel and the interview I suspect has something to do with a restitution agreement. Discovery Channel was a title sponsor for Lance’s team in the past.

    Lance plays the chess game in the peloton very well and a master mind of tactics. His moves in the chess board is always for the win. I want to believe him but I’ve been following Lance since 2000 and the damage he has done in people’s lives is very unappealing.

    • Great points Flandria. I’m trying to avoid going too deep into his ‘confession’. But I agree, it’s tactics. He wouldn’t be having these discussions if he could have continued to get away with it… He realised his time was up and now he is playing the chess game as you quite rightly say. IMO

  3. Ian, unfortunately I think this runs very, very deep. Armstrong was either a) an exceptionally bad apple or b) just the greatest manipulator of a system that was geared to lionising “achievements” like his, and promoting the win at all costs mentality.
    In my view seeing Armstrong as “the problem” lets a lot of people off the hook.
    I would call into question the whole relationship between the big sponsors and the athletes they constantly want to turn into icons. It is becoming apparent to me that is hugely unwholesome. Whatever the state of their direct knowledge, Armstrong’s sponsors effectively funded every element of 12 years of systematic doping and cheating, and then his very successful campaign to shut everyone up and draw up his legal artillery.
    2 things to reflect on:
    – where were Nike in cycling and Trek outside the US pre. Armstrong? How much did they pay him over the doping years and after?
    – as David Walsh has tweeted, the rep from Oakley was in the room in the hospital with Betsy Andreu in 1996 and heard what she did. They only dropped him a few weeks ago.
    It absolutely is not the time to “move on”. The ordinary cyclist, runner, etc fund these relationships by buying the products which are marketed to them by using the icons. We now have a chance to understand what really went on in the relationships with Armstrong. But only if everyone in sport forces the issue and USADA get the Feds back in on the story. It’s depressing but we need it now.
    All my Nike gear is now in a bag for the charity shop.

    • Charlie, you have put in writing many of my thoughts. Oakley, Nike, Trek, US Postal, Discovery, Motorola and so on and so on. I’m surprised at how quiet the teams have been and in particular all the related staff. It’s a can of worms

  4. Which is why I don’t want to see him on the ultra running scene. I hope Karl Meltzer has changed his views on wanting him in his race.

    • I can’t speak for Karl but I doubt many races would want LA on a start sheet. Many wanted to believe and give LA the benefit of doubt but not now… His time is over.

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