Kladdkaka by Emelie Forsberg


by Emelie Forsberg

Kladdkaka (lit. Gooey cake but more commonly known as “chocolate mud cake”) is a type of Swedish cake. This dense sticky chocolate cake is similar to the American brownie but has a soft and viscous centre. It is sometimes eaten with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

The cake is basically a chocolate-flavoured sponge cake without leavener which is prepared by gently stirring the ingredients instead of beating eggs and sugar.

Emelie Forsberg - Trofeo Kima 2012

Emelie Forsberg – Trofeo Kima 2012



2 eggs

2 dl (0.2 l) sugar

5 big spoons of kakao

A small spoon of vanilla sugar

Very little salt

100 g butter

1 dl (0.1 l) Wheat

A little coffee

Stir the and the eggs and sugar very gently ( no whisking!)

Things to add in the cake: everything you like! I prefer nutella, walnuts, m&m´s or chocolate pieces.

Then add all the ingredients, put it in the owen at 175 Celsius. 15-20 minutes depending how you like the consistent to be like!


This was what I eat during my first mountain marathon! Nyam nyam!

Apparently best served with Almond Milk….

Courtesy of Emelie Forsberg… Master baker and awesome runner 🙂 shhhhh don’t tell Salomon Running or Greg Vollet

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