Dad, is this true?

The ‘Armstrong’ debate will run and run. I’m not going into the debate. The confessions and chat with Oprah have left me feeling sick. Never did I think his deception and nastiness ran so deep.

This is a guy that I looked up to, admired, followed and defended.

But in all the lies and deception, think of his poor kids.

” I told Luke, I said, ‘don’t defend me anymore,” Armstrong said, finally, after choking up while describing how he finally told his children that he had cheated during his cycling career.
He has five kids: a 13-year-old boy, 11-year-old twin girls, and another boy and girl under five years old. Armstrong said Luke, his eldest son, was, or is, usually harassed on social media and the Internet over their father’s steroid accusations.
“I knew I had to tell him. He never said ‘Dad, is this true?’ He trusted me!” It was when his son told him he was defending him that he knew he had to finally come clean. But they didn’t end up having the conversation until just over the holidays.
“‘Listen, there’s been a lot of questions about your dad, about my career, whether I doped or did not dope,'” he told them. “‘I’ve always denied that, and I’ve always been ruthless and defiant about that, you guys have seen that. It’s probably why you trusted me on it,’ which makes it even sicker…” he told Oprah.

It’s a sad time for all sports.