Max King smashes ‘Way to Cool 50k’

‘Way to Cool’ is almost perfectly named as a way to cool Max King smashed the previous course record at the 24th running of the 50k event.


The Way to Cool 50k is traditionally the ‘start’ of the Northern Californian race calendar and as such is always a great indicator of form for the coming season.

Max King, previously interviewed on episode 23 on Talk Ultra (available HERE) continued his outstnding performances from 2012 and pulled away from strong competition and set a new CR of 3:08:50. This CR is over 9 mins clear of the previous record set by Uli Steidl (2003). Chris Vargo was 2nd over 10 mins back and Leor Pantilat took the last podium place.

In the ladies race Meghan Arbogast once again proved that age is not an issue and apparently overcame a 4-5 min deficit in the final 10k of the race and took the lead from Rory Bosio who finally finished 2nd and Jennifer Pfeifer finished 3rd. Meghan had a winning time of 4:06:46

1. Max King, 3:08:50 (course record, old record 3:18:17 by Uli Steidl, 2003)
2. Chris Vargo  3:18:44
3. Leor Pantilat 3:21:51
4. Galen Burrell 3:26:01
5. Chris Eckman 3:33:31

1. Meghan Arbogast 4:06:46
2. Rory Bosio 4:07:38
3. Jennifer Pfeifer 4:14:10
4. Danielle Windemann 4:17:46
5. Tera Dube 4:25:18

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