Great Lakeland 3 Day #GL3D – Day Three


The tents shook, lifted off the ground and were drenched with repeated gusty storms during our ‘interesting’ night in Little Langdale. I was surprised to see everyone still smiling on the final morning. But hey, that’s the GL3D. It’s such a friendly even and as one runner said, ‘You wouldn’t want good weather all the time, it would just be boring!’

The morning remained ‘claggy’ and the wind on the tops was relentless. I have to say, waiting around in the early hours for runners to arrive was a real test of nerves and my hands ability to function with a windchill of a reported -10. But I was greeted with continuous smiles, plenty of thumbs up and a repeated, ‘You must be mad being up here in this weather and this time off the day?’

However, the sun did arrive and as the runners descend off the tops and made their journey back to Ravenglass through the valleys of Wynrose Pass, all of them were rewarded with some beautiful typical Lakeland scenery and stunning weather.

What rain?

What wind?

It wasn’t too bad….

Cold, no it didn’t really get that cold.

Funny how we forget and block things out!

Now then, where is the cider?

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