Marco De Gasperi set new #FKT ORTLES 2:36:49

Marco, 11th August 2012 in the mountains above Zinal.

Marco, 11th August 2012 in the mountains above Zinal. Image ≠©

Content ©

Skyrunning legend, Marco De Gasperi yesterday, 1/07/2015 set a new FKT (Fastest Known Time) for ORTLES.

Details are as follows:

Difficulty: EEA – AG – III – PD+
Distance: 19,5 kmElevation+: 2.045 m
Starting point: Solda (Stelvio , BZ)
Punti d’appoggio: Rifugio Julius Payer (3029 m)

He completed the full route in a time of 2:36:49 (tbc)

On his website, Marco explains:

Since I was young, I’ve never stopped dreaming.

Even today I find myself dreaming, and never more so than when the mountains capture my gaze. 

These dreams have always been the driving force in my life, whether I have experienced them in reality or they remain unrealised.

And to be honest, these unfinished dreams tend to mirror the regrets that I have in my life.  

Today I feel compelled to realise those dreams, and I’ll begin with the very first one, the one of a boy who dreamt of nothing else by racing over a mountain. 

Today my instinct has steered me to begin the story with a summit that means so much to the valley I’m from, the Ortles.

– ©marcodegaspei –

The Ortles is one of the most impressive mountains within the southern Rhaetian Alps and represents the pinnacle of the Ortles-Cevedale massif. At 3,905 metres, it is the highest peak within the Bolzano province and the region of Trentino-Alto Adige/South Tyrol.

The common route is diverse and at times exposed. The glacier poses danger, littered with seracs and crevices, not to mention its gradient. Given the continual glacial retreat, the regular route over the Ortles has been affected, increasing its challenging nature.

Needless to say we congratulate Marco on once again pushing the boundaries and providing all of us the inspiration to explore in the mountains. Bravo Marco!


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