Transvulcania 2016 #VK Results and Images – Skyrunner® World Series

Saul Padua and Emmie Collinge are 2016 Binter Vertical Kilometer Transvulcania champions in the first VK race in the 2016 Skyrunner World Series.  Saul Padua fulfilled his pre race top billing and was crowned winner of the Binter Vertical Kilometer Transvulcania. The Colombian runner, the last to leave and the fastest to reach the finish, kicked off the race with a fast pace and held that all the way to the finish. At 7.6km this is a long VK that requires a different run technique and style to many other races in the category.
Emmie Collinge from the UK shone ahead of the rest of the ladies and beat the course record. A disciple of Marco De Gasperi, Emmie splits her time between the UK and Italy.

Bernard Dematteis still holds the male CR 48 minutes and 43 seconds. Padua’s time placed him with the third fastest time in the history of the race, just ahead of Kilian Jornet. 
Second runner was the Czech Ondrej Fejfar who also ran under 50 minutes. Andorran Ferran Teixido completed the podium. 
Emmie Collinge exceeded all expectations setting a new record of  57:56 lowering the record of Elisa Desco, previously 59 minutes and 43 seconds set two years ago.
Christel Dewall, a VK specialist, holds the world record for the distance but could not beat the power of Collinge. Vanessa Ortega placed 3rd. 
18 different nationalities, a melting pot of countries, took part in the 3rd edition of the race with over 130 runners taking part.

1. Saúl Padua
2. Ondrej Fejfar
3. Ferran Teixido Martí-Ventoso
1. Emmie Collinge (Récord de la prueba)
2. Christel Dewalle
3. Vanesa Ortega
Official times to follow


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