Northern Traverse 2016 – Eoin Keith takes victory!


The rain came in through the night, the wind blew and blew. The mist dropped and it would have been easy for Eoin Keith to stay in the back of the van at the Lion Hotel and not attempt the final push for the line… but races of this length are won in the mind.

Eoin Keith is a remarkable athlete (as are all those who participate in this 190 mile journey) but his mind and his strength of will and tenacity are maybe what sets him apart from his peers, he has a capacity to keep going, even when the legs say no.


At one point, it did look as though Eoin may come in in just under 2 days for the 190 miles. Early on day 3 though when about 22 miles from the line, one could see the fatigue.

Over the final 10km he really slowed, of course it is to be completely expected. However, as he entered Robin Hood Bay he smiled and ran to the line – job done.

We have an unofficial time of 2 days, 3 hours and 38 minutes – tbc

It’s an incredible, awe-inspiring run. The distance alone is jaw dropping but the weather conditions, terrain and total elevation gain make this a true beast. Attention now turns to all the other runners who are still out on the course and have till 0800 on Saturday to complete the journey.

For now, enjoy Eoin’s finish and I feel a little sad that I can’t be around for the coming days to document the remaining journey; another race beckons…

Follow the liv tracker HERE

Race website


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