Another week passes and it’s important not to let the momentum drop around the positive test of Gonzalo Calisto at UTMB in 2015. This is possibly even more important with the proximity of the 2016 event which is just weeks away.

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I am pleased to say, today, Compressport have replied to my emails and forwarded me a press release that I assume will be distributed through the appropriate channels in due course.

I have been vocal that brands and sponsors MUST act accordingly when an athlete is found positive and I therefore applaud Compressport for stepping up to the plate and sending out a clear message. And I quote:

“Given the evidence surrounding Gonzalo Callisto’s alleged actions, we determined that our relationship with Gonzalo no longer aligns with out companies mission and core values.”

This is a big step for Mountain, Ultra, Trail and Skyrunning and as a fellow colleague said, “Nicely worded, clear and unequivocal and shows compressport in a really good light!”

Lets be clear here, Callisto’s positive test has never really been about the individual for me. At first it was about the system, how a positive test was almost hidden, how UTMB were not notified of the positive test and ultimately what the repercussions are/ were for the sport. This is not a witch hunt!

Our sport is potentially at the early stages of doping and I can’t stress enough how important it is that we all – runners, races, sponsors, brands and so on set and send a very clear message.

We now need MOVISTAR AVENTURA TEAM (web here) who sponsor Calisto to clarify their stance in regard to this positive test and the implications for their brand and race team.

The press release from UTMB, ITRA and now COMPRESSPORT set the example.


As usual I welcome your thoughts.

7 thoughts on “#EPO #CALISTO #UTMB – Statement from COMPRESSPORT

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    • I think there is a difference with a recent positive test and 2 year ban that runs to March 2018. Desco was convicted, appealed and served a 2 year ban which ended some time ago. Desco is now clean, on blood passport and regularly tested. I like to believe that anyone can make a mistake. Calisto has an opportunity for a 2nd chance…. I know many won’t agree! But currently a suspension is what is imposed for a positive test. Until the rules change and lifetime bans become the rule I’ll work within the parameters available and lobby for change.

      • Fair point. Companies can certainly spend their money in ways they feel best represent their brand. Thank you for the work and effort you put into the site.

      • It’s a tough one. I think back in my life and I have made some huge mistakes – whoppers! I’ve been judged and bounced back and I like to think I am now on track. I also like to think that athletes can make mistakes… This is why I liked the 2nd positive and out rule. No excuses for a 2nd mistake. Unfortunately this was deemed unfair? Work that one out!

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