Cavalls del Vent Recce

Dodgy knees or not I was going out on the course with Terry Conway and Salomon athlete, Philipp Reiter.

Philipp has been here for about a week so he knew exactly where when and how! We had a short drive, parked the car, avoided being eaten alive by about 6 dogs on a farm and then headed UP! and UP and UP.

Sore knees pretty much ok as long I kept going up. Terry kindly taped my knees so I somehow looked like an inverted Panda. However, I needed tape on my lungs! Five weeks of no running, altitude and two fast fellas up front that could kick my ass when I was flying fit and I was breathing out of every orifice… mostly the one at the back!

We ‘rivalled’ Kilian Jornet with a photo to compete with ‘his’ photo from the top of Mont Blanc (you know the one) and all in all we had a great time.

My knees got pretty beat up descending from 2300m but I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Here is Philipp Reiters Suunto Ambit download to view HERE

Terry now realises what lies in store. I quote

“A world of pain… pure enjoyment. It’s like nothing I have run before. The climbs are so much longer and I found the altitude difficult. I was wheezing a fair bit this morning. I have a realisation of what lies ahead and maybe the gap between myself and the elites. No matter what, I am going to embrace the day and the opportunity”

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