Kilian’s Quest S4 E08

“the most important thing about running is, not so much how many races can I win but it’s about keeping the passion alive…. inspiring the new generation… that is more important… pass the torch to the next generation” Pablo Vigil

Problems with the video clip? Please go HERE

In the last encounter of this season, Kilian meets with Pablo Vigil at his home in Colorado. For Pablo it’s all about “keeping the passion alive and inspire future generations” ! Two different generations of runners and yet…so similar

7 thoughts on “Kilian’s Quest S4 E08

  1. Sorry folks. This video has now been made ‘private’. Not sure why…? I was given the share feed and obviously it was all working fine. It may very well be that it needed a re-edit? I will post an alternative link as and when it becomes available. Apologise, Ian

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