Episode 23 – King, Kremer & Davies

We speak to man of the moment Max King after his incredible wins at UROC and JFK50. Oz fast man, Brendan Davies talks about the ultra scene down under and his win at GNW100. Pocket Rocket Stevie Kremer tells us what it’s like to move from the US to Italy and race at the highest level. Talk Training with Marc Laithwaite is about run shoes. We have the news with Ian Sharman, a blog post with Ellie Greenwood, up and coming races and of course Speedgoat Karl Meltzer.

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Show Notes


00:00:45 show start

00:22:00 Interview with Brendan Davies website here

Apart from running, I enjoy a lot of other sports; mountain biking, adventure racing, rogaining, skin/scuba diving and still play social squash. I guess I do these things as I love pushing my mind and body to the limits and being rewarded with fitness, health and friendships that have positive impacts on all aspects of my life. It also gives me the quiet time I need to process all the garbage that life throws at you.

00:51:46 News with Ian Sharman

01:11:00 Interview with Stevie Kremer here

01:32:45 Back to the news

01:38:30 Blog – Ellie Greenwood blog post here

It gets to this time of year and with one racing year winding down it’s time to start planning a little for the following year.  My schedule is never set in stone and I’m sure there will be changes before hitting some of these start lines.

01:42:07 Talk Training with Marc Laithwaite – run shoes

02:09:05 Interview with Max King

Date of Birth:
February 24, 1980

Place of Birth:
Sacramento, CA

Current Home town: 
Bend, OR

Primary Race Distance:
Hmm, 3k to 50 mile. What’s primary mean anyway?

Other hobbies or sports:
Shoes, running up hills, skiing, mountain biking

What MHW/ Montrail gear and clothing is in your quiver for a typical day at/ on the trail? 
Rogue Racers
Effusion Tights
Geist Jacket
Wicked Lite L/S
Power Stretch Glove
If it’s nice then the Ultra Refueler Shorts and Way2Cool shirt.

How were you introduced to your sport? 
I wasn’t always a “team player” and I was terrible at ball sports. I used to crush the other kids in the PE mile though so I went out for track in 7th grade.

What inspires you?
Lots of things: A cold stormy run through deep forest on a flowing single track trail, seeing someone else make a huge breakthrough after months or years of hard training, or just the pre-race adrenaline that comes when all the best racers toe the line.

What advice would you give to newcomers to (your sport) today? 
It’s all about having fun and working hard. There are no special secrets to anyone’s running success, it’s all hard work.

What’s your favorite pre race meal? 
A Hammer Bar or oatmeal.

What the first thing you look forward to doing after a long run / race? 
Eating, I like to eat. A lot. It might not show but I run to eat and I eat to run.

How do you balance your training schedule with your “real” job? 
I quit my real job.

Do you have any pre-race/ pre-competition rituals? 
Sure, but I can’t tell you or it would jinx my superstitions.

In 10 years I hope to be…
Doing the same thing I’m doing today. I envy those guys that are still improving at 40+ and hope that I’ll be doing the same.

Six-word bio:
Pain is weakness leaving the body.

When singing karaoke, what song do you sing to bring down the house? 
If I could even sing, it would be: Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

What music gets you fired up? 
Linkin Park

If you were a super hero, who would you be? 
Wolverine, he’s just plain bad ass. And yes, I’m a comic book geek.

02:48:40 Back to Karl

02:55:56 A Meltzer Moment with Speedgoat Karl

03:00:00 Up & coming races for the next two weeks

03:01:10 Show close



2 thoughts on “Episode 23 – King, Kremer & Davies

  1. Hi Ian,

    I just listened to the first half of the new show, and there are a couple of questions what could have been answered differently, in my opinion. For instance: if you are already an efficient runner, it doesn’t matter what shoes you put on 12-6-3mm drop, you are going to run efficiently (assuming that you transitioned well). That is true, partly.
    The lower the heel drop of a shoe, the more we can utilize the elastic energy of our achilles tendon and the less we have to rely on our muscles. Being the thickest and strongest tendon in the body (together with the ITband), it fatigues a lot later then the muscles themselves, and holds up longer, IF TRAINED. So if someone can transition to a 0mm drop shoe, meaning he can use less muscle-energy(glycogen) to run at the same speed, meaning he is more efficient. In ultra-running, efficiency is the key.
    So in your case, as you said for instance that you are a forefoot-midfoot runner, and you are the most efficient when running in your 12mm shoes, that is partly correct too. You are the most efficient in 12mm shoes, regarding your current running abilities. If you transitioned down to a “0”mm offset shoe, you’d be more efficient due to the achilles fact, what I mentioned. Though it is your choice that you do it or not.
    It is nice to be able to run in 0mm shoes and be the most efficient, but yes it is true, that it isn’t worth the hassle for everybody, as the transition can take very long, and can have setbacks and injuries. Most people stop at 4mm-6mm shoes. Also at this moment the market doesn’t supply us with a lot of dead flat cushioned shoes. I know Altra, and basically that is it. For rocky mountain running like the Trofeo Kima or so, we need protection and support.

    Just another thing to mention is our every day shoes. Nobody is talking about this, and it is as important as our running shoes. If we are in 12mm shoes for 14-16 hours every day in the office, having a shortened posterior muscle chain all day long, we will have issues with transitioning to lower drop shoes. So parallely we should implement lower drop office shoes into hour daily life too, to make hour muscles and tendons adapt faster, and more naturally to hour running. Inov8 is great, if someone can wear sport shoes in the office, as we can objectively measure the transition time and the offset change of hour shoes together.
    In my case, I am using exclusively vivobarefoot shoes, in my daily life in the last 2 years, and I am 100% satisfied. They produce,running shoes, office shoes and hiking shoes too. All are “0” drop, so be careful with them. 10-15min every other day to go to the market is a good start. I learnt on the hard way as well, I admit: I had 2months off running when I started: IT band syndrome, then when it healed another 3 weeks with piriformis syndrome. Since then, not one niggle. 2 years of continuous running. (…knocking on wood)

    Regular stretching and foam rolling is advised too. This transitioning misery, is an art in itself, and can create a challenge. I think it is definitely worth the effort, bu we have to be patient.

    Thanks again for the lot of info and for the great show.
    Keep rollin’

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