Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab 12 2013


The 2012 version of the Advanced Skin S-Lab 12  and the smaller Advance Skin S-Lab 5 (review HERE) had runners all over the world pre ordering and searching websites for product. Expectation was  high for the pack that Kilian Jornet had developed with Salomon specifically allowing him to carry all the required kit for the TNF UTMB.

Of course, as soon as we all got our hands on the product the general consensus was that this was ‘almost’ the perfect pack. Some runners didn’t like it… of course! We are all individual. But the Advanced Skin S-Lab 12 moved a running pack to a new level.

It fitted like a piece of clothing and actually came in two different sizes so you could get the correct fit. It contained a bladder that sat in an open pocket So you could refill quickly) with the feed pipe cleverly coming out of the bottom (usually the top) and running under and inside the pack to come out close to the mouth. It had pockets galore with options to make one large or two smaller pockets in the main compartment. It had a detachable velcro phone pouch, two bottle holders on the straps, to large open pockets on the side and two large zipper pockets. It had a whistle, it included a foil blanket and it had straps to secure ‘run poles’. It was a break through piece of run clothing/kit… You could fit everything required for a tough mountain race that required compulsory equipment. So popular, the Advanced Skin S-Lab 12 has now been tweaked for a new 2013 version.

In 2012 the pack was being put through it’s paces at races like Transvulcania La Palma but I guess the perfect testing ground was the TNF UTMB. Of course we all know the course was shortened but conditions deteriorated so badly before the race that mandatory kit was increased, luckily for the male winner, Francois d’Haene he was using the new version of the Advanced Skin S-Lab 12.

The new 2013 version in principal is very similar to the 2012 model but the key change is the chest pockets. Gone are the small bottle pockets that many struggled to find bottles to fit. They have been re-worked and will accommodate bottles easier and hold the new larger ‘soft flasks’ perfectly.

New versions of these flasks will be available in larger sizes

New versions of these flasks will be available in larger sizes

The overall pack is approximately 30g lighter. Hardly worth mentioning considering the size of the pack and the amount of contents it will hold. It has a new colour, the all important 2013 ‘Red & Black’ colour way! Important as it will match the ‘Sense Ultra‘. The pack will also be available in ‘XL’.

Ultimately if you liked the 2012 model, you will love the 2013 model. The reworking of the front of the pack and the new pockets will make the user experience so much more enjoyable.

Copyright Lepape-info Emile Joubert

Copyright Lepape-info Emile Joubert


  • Dimensions: 43 x 22 x 18cm
  • P.A.C.E Fit
  • Sensifit Twin Link
  • Sensi compression
  • Split volume in main compartment
  • 2 compressable side pockets
  • 1 mobile pocket
  • 1 removable chest pocket
  • 2 chest pockets to fit larger bottles
  • 1 Zipped back pocket
  • 1 safety pocket with foil blanket
  • Underarm routing system for bladder
  • Soft 1.5L volume bladder – PVC, Phthalate, Bisphenol-A FREE
  • Bite Valve with on/off system
  • 4D bladder insulating sleeve
  • Custom system
  • 4D pole holder
  • Wide lateral opening with side sliders
  • Whistle and Reflective trim
  • Soft trims
  • Apparel sizing


  • Elastic Power Mesh
  • Fast wicking fabrics
  • 3D mesh

9 thoughts on “Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab 12 2013

  1. Hi Ian,
    Would it be easy to fit a pair of Black Diamond z poles on the pack of this pack ? I would be afraid of them bouncing around all the time.

    Do you think it would be easier to place the poles in one of the pockets instead ?


    • Graham,
      To be honest, I have Z Poles and Leki. The Z Poles are great and I never put them on the pack, when I am not using them I fold them up and carry them. However, the Leki is a stronger pole because of the construction but when collapsed is longer. This longer length means you can add it to your pack really really quick by using the red elastic fastening system. Fastening can be tricky until you get used to it but when your practiced you can attach and un-attach poles in seconds. As I said, both the Z’s and Lekis are great poles and I use both. So comes down to choice and ease of use. Ian

      • Hi Ian,
        I tried using the 4D system to attach my Leki poles but it seems they are just not long enough to be held by both parts of the system.
        when i run with them, i resort to sliding them through the gap in the side pocket and still using the upper cord of the 4D system.
        (this means the poles are on my right side of the body but “dig” in to my shoulder…)

        i’m gussing there is got to be a better way.
        can you give your advice ?


      • Micahel, you probably are not working the system correctly. From experience of using this system and seeing the elite guys use it, it is a great and reliable system. You will just need to practice. Not something that is easy to describe in words as I am sure you can appreciate

  2. Picked up one this afternoon and keen for my first test run. Where is the whistle located? (part of my mandatory gear list for TNF100 in Oz)

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