Marathon des Sables, Day 1. The depart!


It is all excitement and buzz as hundreds of helpers and volunteers mobilise to the get the ‘Marathon des Sables’ show on the road.

It’s exciting!

It’s like moving a whole village. Vehicles line up in rows, khaki clad men and women run back and forth with bags. It is organised chaos. Everyone knows and understands what is required and slowly but surely bags, crates, water, food, tents and all manner of packages disappear and with a sound of engines, one-by-one they embark on the 5-6 hour journey into the Sahara to ‘base camp’.

Two days adapting to the environment and then on Sunday the race begins.

The greatest show on earth!

Runners testing themselves against heat, dunes and dehydration.

Let the excitement begin….

Read my race preview HERE

Read my interview with MDS RD Patrick Bauer HERE

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