Transvulcania… another day of fun!

More fun, new trails and new experiences…. love these trails, this island and the company.

13 thoughts on “Transvulcania… another day of fun!

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  2. Spent the day at work in Gloomy Grimsby, cooking and looking out of the window at rain and more rain!
    I wonder if the family fancy La Palma for the Summer holiday this year?
    Great coverage and great images, looking forward to the next Podcast.
    Phil in Whatstandwell.

      • Fair enough I can undertsand it when there is a crossover situation like Joe Grant with Inov-8 and acr’teryx but surely North Face are in direction competion with their trail shoes?? If i was a North Face exec I would want Timmy in NF shoes.

      • Good excuse for TNF to make better shoes I guess…. this currently happens with many TNF athletes such as Lizzy Hawker, Hal Koerner, Mike Wolfe and so on….

  3. Well thats the challenge for the right there then…. step up TNF… Ha Ha….. Great work recently Ian,podcasts certainly keeping my Sunday long run fullfilled!!

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