You know you are having a bad ultra when… ?


Following on from the great success of ‘You know you are an ultra runner when… ?’ we have part deux!

‘You know you are having a bad ultra when… ?’

Again, some really funny comments. Thank you all so much for the input and feedback.

Richard Hurdle Whats a bad ultra???

David Reese You did get a good-night’s sleep the previous night before and you don’t get in the pre-race bowel movement.

Carl Wibberley When every piece of kit you have on is irritating you at 10k.
Holly Rush You hope you trip on a curb and knock yourself out so you dont have to keep feeling the pain
Tripp Furman You forgot sport glide.
Andy Ellis The medic tells you your shoe is bleeding
Seamus Foy The RD tells you he was about to send out a search party. Remember that Josh Josh Katzman? Good thing it was 10k loops!
Richard Lendon When you vomit up everything you’ve ingested over the last 2 hours.
Talk Ultra My fave of all time is from an Ironman (one of the very early ones) when a participant post race said, “You know you are having a bad day when the morning papers have the results of a race that you are still running in!”

Lorna Downes There’s a bad ultra?

Carter Swampy When you walk into the aid station and the volunteers say “oh shit, you’d better sit down”

Steve Blythe The pain stops.

Tim Steele The volunteers are packing up the aid station as you are limping towards it.

Malcolm Cox You fill in the entry form!

Jim Tinnion or you decide not to look at your feet because there are some things it’s better not to know.

Ewan Dunlop You visit the same aid station twice.

John Hitchen When you DNS.

Jeremy Spainhour When your trekking pole becomes your crutch (screw you, ITBS!).

Terence Lim Abrasion starts at 10k mark.

John Fitz You DNF.

Larry Roberts When you think if I walk a little slower I will get forcibly pulled from the race and can say you didnt quit.

Jim Tinnion when your stomach contents keep overtaking you.

Brent Colwell When you throw up 5 miles into a 100 mile run because you’ve been sick all week.

Dave West You abort at 125K, it’s only just past 1/2 way and you’re frightened to sit down because you don’t know where your support team will stop but you do know you won’t be able to get back up to find them.

Francis Pardo You think about retiring but the only way out you know is through the race course.

Shelb Snod When you break both of your handhelds, twice.

Ultrarunner Moorsman You think your in hospital with an IV Drip attached to your arm……..then realise its not an hallucination.

Jeremy Clark When you are stung on the heel in the first mile.

Steven Stewart You forget what day it is.

Endurance Fitnessuk Your laces in your huaraches snap within the first 10 paces, after you had a conversation with yourself stating “Yep, these are good for another 50 easy.”

Alan Johnson Half way through, The pizza arrives 30 mins late at pick up point and they added extra spicy peppers free of charge!

Henry Bickerstaff When the battery on your gamin dies before the first aid station.

Rob Bateman you cant find a secluded wall to go behind.

Russell Webster You wish you were just doing a marathon.

UTMB copyright Ian Corless

UTMB copyright Ian Corless

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