Transgrancanaria 2014 – new changes

The North Face ® Transgrancanaria will be held on March 1st 2014, with radical format changes. The Transgrancanaria will be different in terms of routes and distances. The most significant change will be the arrival of the runners to the south of the island, a twist which aims to raise the profile of Gran Canaria and promote it’s strengths outside of the island.

The distances of some races also vary with respect to the last edition. In 2014 the route of the main event will consist of 125km and 7600 meters of positive elevation. The Advanced and Transmarathon races will keep the same distances of 83km and 42km respectively, while the Starter race will extend from 24km to 30km. A new race will be added as a new feature, the Promo race of 15km, aimed specifically at those people who wish to play a part in this epic adventure.

What does not vary from the Transgrancanaria and Advanced races will be the place of departure, which will be held for one more year at the Agaete port. The Transgrancanaria Marathon also will repeat the departure place at Garañón, but the end in the next edition will be at “Faro de Maspalomas”, after a tour that runs through “Pico de las Nieves” mountain, the road of “La Plata”, Tunte and Arteara villages. The Transgrancanaria Starter event is the race that will see the most changes, increasing in kilometers and showcasing the new departure from Tunte to Faro de Maspalomas.

In the press conference, the presentation of a new website with new content, better interface and more user friendly features was unveiled. With the launch of the new site, the registrations for next year was opened. For the third consecutive year, the price for race entires has been frozen. You can find more information about the new routes and registration on the following:

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