Kilian Jornet – win a signed photo book


If you’d like to win this book signed by Kilian Jornet.


Kilian Jornet says in this book ‘Trail running for me is not about running’ 

I have already been inundated by comments on the Talk Ultra Facebook page HERE and on my Ian Corless Facebook page HERE. However, please feel free to add your comments to this post below using the comments box. In a week or two we will select the best comment and forward the book to you via secured post.


13 thoughts on “Kilian Jornet – win a signed photo book

  1. i startet with my first trail runs 2012, in this year it was just running and sport and to get fit for me. in the winter i had to stop running because of a employment. so this year i had a lot of private this to get in the right line and after that i startet once again with running and espacailly with some trail near my home. and now i am going out for a trail to be free and happy and let the rest of the crazy world behind me.
    trail running is very important for me to see the perfect side of the world and awesome it is to be in the mountains. a kind of therapie after some hard weeks, days or hours.
    i love it!

  2. Trail running for me is me time, it’s the one part of the day when it’s just me and my thoughts. Experiencing nature and forgetting about the chores waiting at home, the nappies that need changing and the emails need answering. It’s the time when I feel most relaxed and at home.

  3. Trail running is about reconnecting with my inner-self and the outdoors. The focus for me is mainly my cadence and rhythm while out on the trail. Simple and cleansing.

  4. Trail Running is the best way to get in touch and feel the nature. Forget the noise of the big cities and concentrate on feelings and freedom.

  5. Trail running is for me a spiritual adventure, it is the time when you reach your physical limits but feel so well at the same time. You are in a close relationship with what is the deepest in you, and what is the deepest in the nature. You are at ground zero of your life, the essence of it!

    (PS my English is not perfect, I am French)

  6. For me trail running is simply nothing. By that I mean that from the moment I lace up my mud stained running shoes and step out that door nothing else exists. Trail running is the only time in my day where there is no stress, concern, schedule, deadline, or need to take care of something. It is my true escape to the freedom from life’s rigors that I require to strive on day in and day out. My lovely lovely nothing time!

  7. Trail running for me, is a bit of suffering that permit to have this great feeling of beeing one with the nature.

    (I’m French, I hope you have understood the meaning of what I wanted to say. If it’s not right English, don’t hesitate to reorder the words or change them 😉 )

  8. Due to an accident I have not been able to go running for 8 years. Since a year I started to try running again and thanks to yoga and never giving up I ran this year my first trail. It tasted for more and it felt like finally being free and to be/find myself. A few weeks I participated the Devero trail and the Eiger trail. During these trails I was so terribly happy I could do this after such a long struggle and I thought: yes I`m running in the mountains!!!
    Trailrunning is for me more than being one with the nature and to be part of that nature, no for me it`s finding myself and being happy with my life.

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