Coffee Table Book –

Photo BookMy 2013 Coffee Table Book is slowly coming together. It is still very early days with a great deal of designing, editing and layout work to be done within the next 7-10 days.

Once designed and a ‘test’ proof has been received, the book will be available for delivery in 8-12 days from ordering.

10×8 inches in size, landscape in format with a hardcover and dust jacket, the book will have 20-pages minimum, however, I anticipate 30-pages to be more appropriate. As you can imagine, selecting images has been a difficult task. So many to choose from…!

Content will be varied and cover locations, places, landscapes, people and of course iconic moments from the 2013 racing season. A minimum of 30 images will be included within the book.

Delivery within the UK is anticipated to be available from Dec 2nd which should allow adequate turnaround and delivery options for pre Christmas. However, at the moment, delivery outside the UK cannot be guaranteed until the New Year.

Price per book £48.00 (plus postage and package)

If you’d like to express interest or pre order, please fill out the form below and I will contact you directly. Many thanks for your support.


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