The Coastal Challenge #TCC2014 – Stage 2 Preview


Day 2 – Rafki Lodge to Dominical

Today is a tough day… two climbs with a total elevation gain of 2250m and some muddy, dense forest to negotiate. One would think that the final 9-km along a flat beach would be easy; think again! You arrive at the ocean, the views are spectacular and you look into the distance and you see nothing. No sign of the finish, it’s too far away. Footstep after footstep you make new marks in virgin sand as the heat of the day beats down on your head and reflects back up from the sand. Water crossings are in abundance today and the route encompasses the TCC perfectly. A total distance of 39-kms; once again 3-checkpoints are available; Brujo (11km), Dos Bocas (22km) and then Hatillo (31km) before the long flat push to the line at Dominical Beach. This is a tough day and will test each and every runner, particularly those who pushed too hard on day-1 or didn’t recover adequately.

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2 thoughts on “The Coastal Challenge #TCC2014 – Stage 2 Preview

  1. Hi Ian, do you know if we can (and where) follow the results each day with the ranking, at least with the top 10 or 20 mens and womens?
    I don’t find anything on the official website, and I would like to know if my neighbour Martin Gaffuri is having a good one!

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