Everest Trail Race #ETR2014 – Stage 3


Day 3 #ETR2014

After yesterday relentless uphill struggle today, day-3 of the Everest Trail Race was all downhill, well, sort of. Starting in Jase Bhanjyang runners passed through Jumbesi, Phurteng, Salung, Taksindu and then from Jubhing the race finishes with a tough climb to the stunning monastery at Kharikola. At 37.4km in length the total descent is a quad busting 4110m in contrast to 2512m of ascent.

Many thought today would be an easier day, however, for those in the know… although descending may be a little kinder on the lungs, descending 4000m+ on tired legs is no easy task. Especially when the terrain has added technicality and steepness.

Samir Temsang and Phudorje Lama Sherpa led from the front once again and the stage looked all set for a replay of the previous 2-days. However, Phudorje took a tumble descending hurting his shoulder and knee. This allowed Samir to open up a gap and looking strong throughout finished the stage in an impressive sub 4-hours. Phudorje obviously shaken from the tumble arrived over 15-minutes later and this now places Samir in first place overall with a convincing lead. Zigor Iturrieta ran a solid 3rd-place once again but today gave away more time.

Last nights fears over Anna Comet’s sickness subsided as the stage-3 unfolded and she once again grabbed the race by the horns and lead from the front. Kerry Sutton did say that she felt strong today and may well have contested the first place with Anna, however, caution prevailed and she decided to leave a little in reserve for the coming 3-days that lies ahead. Yangdi Lama Sherpa one again placed 3rd on the stage looking tired. Yangdi is definitely not in the shape of 2013 but despite this continues to fight hard.

The trails and route for the ETR from Kharikola to Tyangboche and back to Lukla are now on the main trekking routes and in addition to this it is the main transport route for all supplies. Porters, mules and yaks are like cars on a motorway as they move up and down the trail carrying loads that are often beyond comprehension. It’s amazing to see life unfold and I for one feel very privileged for the opportunity to see it and record it in images and memories.


Results top-3

  1. Samir Temsang 3:48:02
  2. Phudorje Lama Sherpa 4:07:47
  3. Zigor Iturrieta 4:50:57


  1. Anna Comet 5:35:35
  2. Kerry Sutton 6:09:55
  3. Yangdi Lama Sherpa 6:27:43




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