Cavalls del Vent Recce part ‘deux’

Philipp Reiter “let’s go out for an hour… we can run an out and back”

Kilian Jornet “I would like to run up to checkpoint 2 at 2500m”

Everybody “ok, cool, lets do that!”

Kilian and Emelie get in the ‘Kilian Kar‘. Philipp, Terry and myself get in and then we head at breakneck speed ignoring the left and right hand side of the road and get to the Coll de Pal and 2070m.

Philipp, Terry and myself roll out of the car ready for action. Kilian emerges from the ‘Kilian Kar‘ with a secret potion…. mmmmmmmm what is it?

Kilian and Emelie get into the running straight away…. Terry follows and Philipp is feeling a little unwell; the drive I think?

Knees hurting I follow as best as I can but I know they will soon be out of sight. I put a long lens on the camera… a great tip when you can’t keep up! You look close but actually you are miles away….

In to the distance they go. Around me isolation and beautiful views. I still manage to capture some lovely images of the ‘elites’ in action. A joy to watch unfold… I will wait for them to return and shoot them in full flight!

They never did šŸ˜‰ But that’s another story…

Here is Philipp Reiters download from his Suunto Ambit HERE

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