Images from Cavalls del Vent

So many pictures… so little time!

Here is a selection of my favourite images to come out of the 2012 Cavalls del Vent part of the Ultra Skyrunnnig series.

Walking to the race start from our hotel, Frosty and Dakota relaxed with Kilian, Tony, Philipp and Terry behind.

The rush for the first corner in Baga

Kilian leading Tofol before Tofol retired

Dakota Jones running through the mist and rain at 2200m

Skyrunning is all about being above the cloud

Local hero and ladies winner, Nuria Picas

It was that cold Tony Krupicka wore a jacket with a hood!

Emelie Forsberg pushing hard in the early parts of the race

Dakota Jones

The day before the race, Kilian Jornet, Emelie Forsberg, Philipp Reiter and Terry Conway running to CP2 on the Cavalls del Vent course

The stunning scenery and views that we all missed on race day

Terry running on our day 1 recce

Emelie bouncing across the finish

Tony & Kilian on the finish line

Nuria triumphant

and finally a photo that sums up the sadness that we all felt, the day after the race when we all learned that during the night a female runner had passed away due to cardiac arrest induced via hypothermia. Our thoughts and best wishes go out the family.

3 thoughts on “Images from Cavalls del Vent

  1. Inspiring images Ian. Thanks for the fantastic Twitter coverage too, excellent job 🙂 Brings it all into perspective when runners are making the ultimate sacrifice during the race, very sad to hear about the tragedy. The mountains are incredible but sometimes cruel too. Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay.

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