Fernanda Maciel – Transvulcania 2013

Fernanda Maciel, The North Face - copyright Ian Corless

Fernanda Maciel, The North Face – copyright Ian Corless

When I’m running on the top of the mountains or canoeing in the middle of the sea, I feel small as nothing…but yet I feel the highest sensation of freedom and peace, free spirit. I’m Brazilian, from the waterfalls and little mountains, Minas Gerais, my roots. I live in the Spanish Pyrenees’s mountains today, Coll de Nargó. I’ve worked as environmental lawyer, in recycle’s projects, international ONG Outward Bound (outdoor education), running Adventure Race… that means, working and teaching to protect the nature. My passion is for the forest, the mountains, the beaches and the rivers, to be there and take care of that. Move…positive.

I caught up with The North Face athlete, Fernanda Maciel less than 48 hours to the start of the 2013, Skyrunning Ultra, Transvulcania La Palma.

  • Location: Hotel SOL La Palma
  • May 9th

*apologies for the focus glitch at the end of the clip but I wanted leave the audio content as  I felt it was important what Fernanda said.

Video on YouTube: HERE


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